Vista Loader - Working Vista SP1 activation hack

Vista Loader - Working Vista SP1 activation hack

Summary: SP1 was supposed to make life tougher for pirates - it doesn't.

TOPICS: Piracy, Software

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Topics: Piracy, Software

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  • Ouch

    Well Guys its back to square one.
    • They should just give up on Activation

      And start charging a real, sane amount for Vista. Personally, I have a computer that I am running a cracked version of Vista on that had a real version of Vista on it..... you know why I cracked it? Because after re-installing over the original image to fix some problems, born from my own stupidity....... it wouldn't active as being a pre-installed version anymore, and Toshiba would not give me a installation key for my computer.... they said "Use the re-image disks!" which would blow away everything on my hard drive, and I am NOT doing that!
      • Windows Vista Activation

        Yes you may get away with installing a hacked copy of Windows Vista for a while. However, Microsoft will catch up with you sometime. Then you will not be able to download up dates or patches.

        People are justifying using a hacked copy of Vista by saying Microsoft is chargeing to much for Vista. Microsoft has to charge what the do because people steal so many copies.

        My reply to that as a reseler is this what you are doing is stealing no mater how you look at it. If don't like the price there is Lyniks.

        The other thing is you do not like the price of vista WELL THEN STOP STEALING IT!! It cost Microsoft money when people take and hack their copy of Vista. Then maybe the price will go down.
        • Did you even read it?

          He stated very clearly that he owns a licenced copy of Vista, but can't use it. His cracked copy is running on the machine that has the license.

          What he did is [b]not[/b] stealing. He's making use of available resources to use a product that he legally has a license for.

          Before you go professing your faith in Big Brother (BillG, SteveB & co.), look at how long the hack took to be released: hours... not even days. It takes M$ month, sometimes years to come up with a fix, and hackers break it in hours.

          And as for the price going down, consider that Microsoft products are among the most expensive software titles in the world, and their prices keep rising with each major release. I can't justify paying up to US$400 just to turn the machine on, and another US$600 to be productive. We're talking about US$1000 Retail to get use out of a machine that doesn't even cost that much to build. It's like buying a car, then taking out a second mortgage to put fuel in it.

          Also, before you open your mouth and remove all doubt ("better to be thought a fool..."), learn how to spell. I've been using Ubuntu Linux for 16 months, and my machine is running faster and more reliable than it ever did with Win-XP.
        • Message has been deleted.

        • Catch 22. NT

          High Sierra
        • Get a grip!

          I'm a reseller, and an OEM, and a repair guy. I've spent in excess of 800 hours on the phone with India since this annoying activation scheme started a few years ago, simply trying to activate/reactivate absolutely legit copies of their software. Every hack that comes along is one more temptation to skip the absolute waste associated with the most profitable company on the planet becoming ever more profitable.

          And that whole bag of drivel MS uses to try to convince us that they're doing it for our good, the good of the honest retailers, is idiocy at it's finest. If they were truly attempting to level the playing field, not increase their profits, they'd charge Dell, and Lenovo, and HP, and the rest of the majors the same price per copy they charge us little guys. But, they don't. So the big guys help the big guys get richer, while helping to insure us little guys never get big enough to be a threat to the status quo.

          Snarl on, McRuuph. Just don't be surprised if the rest of us giggle when you do.
          Dr. John
      • [b]Who is limited?[/b]

        You know the old saying (or a liberate version, off of my head), any copy protection scheme makes trouble only for the real owner...

        This again proves the above, however, sad it is.
        Gyorgy Kenez
      • Hacks and Cracks

        This is precisely the same problem I had with Microsoft starting with windows XP. It reoccurred with my legit copies of vista 32 and vista 64.

        So guess what? I have cracks for all three and run the cracked version. Not because I hate Microsoft because I do not. I do it so I do not have to deal with some fellow who does not have English as his first language and thinks I am out to rip him and Microsoft off.

        I gave up talking to such fools back in the windows XP early days. Thank god for folks like Paradox. I would still be suffering were it not for them.

        And lastly no I will not send you my hacks. Go to Google and find them for your selves. Or you might find them quicker at Yahoo considering the goings on of the last 5 to 7 days.
        • Lot's of talk about paradox in Google

          But no actual link. It's either FUD or they're so afraid that they can't publically reveal it.
          hasta la Vista, bah-bie
          • It Is There ...

            ... trust me if I can find it any one can. Just keep looking.
          • Well I don't need to worry about it

            I'm back to using XP anyway.

            Although it might be good for cracking my dad's Vista machine

            Just curious, that's all...
            hasta la Vista, bah-bie
  • RE: Working Vista SP1 activation hack (Vista Loader - Working Vista SP1 activation hack)

    nothing special here, anything microsoft will always be:
    1.) hacked
    2.) cracked
    3.) broken into
    4.) keylogged

    once you accept it we can move on and not worry about it. Well while im at it.. might as well say "anything" that gets popular.. like the ipod, iphone, and psp. Things that popular always get hacked (as you can see from the ipod/iphone/psp hacks already)
  • RE: Working Vista SP1 activation hack (Vista Loader - Working Vista SP1 activation hack)

    When you come right out and say that Vista SP1 can't be hacked as easy as previous versions, it is like saying "give it your best shot" and the masses will respond with this type of thing.
    • Vista SP1 Hack

      People complain that the price of Windows Vista is so expencive. They even justify using hacked copies of Windows Vista by saying that it cost so much if they would just lower the price then I would not have to steal a copy of Windows Vista. Bull crap the reason why Widows Vista cost so much is because of you hackers that come up with ways to steal Windows Vista. Yes when you do not pay for something it is stealing no matter how you look at it!!!
      • Sure, dude.

        If it wasn't for hackers, Vista would cost 99 cents, and Microsoft would still make billions and billions.

        Funny how nobody tries to hack copies of Linux. Are you saying that's why it's free?
        • Free as in beer

          Linux works as it is community based so if you find something bad, you can file a bug report or come up with a solution. Linux automatically lets you set up user accounts which lets you use whatever you install or use - leaving "root" to do all the system and security installations which makes Linux more secure.

          Windows, on the other hand, doesn't automatically tell users that they have "root" access to their system which can mean that users are less secure as far as having access to system utilities, security patches, viruses, etc.
          • Wrong Free

            Linux is Free as in Speech. It may also be Free as in Beer, especially the Linux kernel, but not necessarily so. Distributors may charge for disks or access to downloads for their distributions should they choose to do so as the GPL license allows for that.

            Keep in mind that Open Source is freedom to do with it whatever you want. That is the freedom that Open Source gives you and why it is superior to closed source software. It is the main reason why I like Linux and all the Open Source software that comes with so much. I can customize my installation in ways that you can never do with closed source like Windows. You can make changes and you don't even have to share those changes (as long as you don't redistribute your changes).
        • So I guess what YOU are saying is

          you stole your car, your home, your.. well.. everything? Because they cost so much? Sorry "dude" - stealing is stealing, no matter what it is or who you stole it from.
          • The basics

            Microsoft can charge whatever they want for Vista. They made the software, so that is their right.
            Now look at it objectively. MS came out with XP, then they started looking for 64-bit and came up with Vista after how long? Microsoft puts one hell of an investment of time and money into making this software, and that's not even factoring in the 64-bit and 32-bit seperate versions.
            Once any hacker out there has spent 3 years developing something they might understand. Since that will never happen due to short attention span and ADD, I'm just talking to myself.