Visual Tour of BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0

Visual Tour of BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0

Summary: The BlackBerry PlayBook was panned for missing functionality when it was released last year. RIM hopes this major software update addresses that. Let's take a tour and see how it fares.


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  • PlayBook 2.0 brings the long-awaited ability to run Android apps, and this app is a good demonstration of how good those can be. The Android player/ emulator is integrated directly into the OS, so Android apps look and behave just like the native apps. In fact, Android apps are not designated as such in the App World, so it is not easy to figure out which apps are native, which are Adobe Air apps, and which are Android.

    This app is free and worth every penny.

  • Android fans will recognize the Dolphin Browser HD right away. It handles tabbed browsing, gesture interaction, and sliding bookmarks as it does on the Android platform. It appears to be an older version than that currently available on the Android platform, but is a solid performer.

  • This free app is a nice video player with access to NFB Films. There are plenty of videos to choose from in the app, and playback is smooth on the PlayBook screen.

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  • RE: Visual Tour of BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0

    Looks pretty slick to me. I don't really need an ecosystem for music or videos, just some apps. I really like real multitasking without glitches. In many ways, this looks like WebOS.
  • Downloading it right now

  • RE: Visual Tour of BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0

    very WebOS, no?
    John Palumbo
  • RE: Visual Tour of BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0

    I like it.