VMware Workstation 6

VMware Workstation 6

Summary: The latest version of VMware Workstation is a worthy upgrade: It's familiar enough to use without diving into the manual, yet delivers a crop of new, useful features.


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  • There are a lot of settings for the Pocket ACE Package to get your head around

  • The Package wizard

  • The Package wizard

Topics: Hardware, Processors, Virtualization, VMware

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  • Works great, but the price...

    I'm writing this using Firefox on Win2k with VMWare Fusion Beta 3 on Mac OS 10.4. Installation is a breeze and it's nice to be able to run Windows efficiently without using Bootcamp (though the only reason I run Windows at all is for web development and testing in IE, now I don't need a separate machine for Windows).

    I've also tried Parallels http://www.parallels.com/en/ and it works great too. I'll wait and see on pricing before I decide, I get the feeling that VMWare (USD189 for Windows Workstation, no price released for Mac Fusion yet) will be much more expensive than Parallels Desktop (USD79).
    Fred Fredrickson
  • VMWare is nice but...

    I prefer MS Virtual PC and it's free. I hope VMWare WS6 is not as much of a resource hog as 5 was. At work, if I had two VM's running at the same time on my machine, my system would slow down to a crawl. Now that I'm running MSVPC, I can have 3 or more VM's running and my system has barely taken a hit.

    If I need to run a Linux VM, MS Virtual Server can do it and it too is free. Plus I like the fact that if I need to call MS Support for anything (which is exceedingly rare), I know they'll support the VM's running on their product. They won't support VM's runnning on VMWare.
    • Now if I can only get a Mac VM...

      Now that Mac runs on Intel, I don't see any reason other than licensing to not have the capability to do a VM running the Mac OS. I'd like learning new OS's but I'm not about to purchase a proprietary Mac machine.

      Then again I guess Apple keeps it simple by only allowing their OS to run on their machines, smaller dev teams I suppose. If they'd only allowed cloning back in the 80's like IBM, who knows maybe they'd have the majority of market share?
      • There were Mac clones at one time...

        Steve Jobs killed them off when he returned to Apple.

        Regardless, it makes sense that Apple still disallows the clones. They write their software to sell their hardware; permitting OS X to run on other hardware would defeat that purpose.

        Apple is a hardware company that happens to have some of the best software in the world.