Welcome to Ubuntu 11.10: Oneiric Ocelot

Welcome to Ubuntu 11.10: Oneiric Ocelot

Summary: The new Ubuntu cat is ready to play.

TOPICS: Open Source

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  • The Oneiric Ocelot also comes with built-in integration with online services. Here, for example, I’ve set up my Ubuntu desktop to work automatically with my various Google accounts. No fuss, no muss.

  • Ubuntu also works well with your local networks. Here, for example, I’m looking at a pair of Samba server networks and a Windows 2008 R2 Active Directory network.

  • For music, Ubuntu integrates the Banshee media player. It, in turn, can use its own music libraries, networked music sources, and Internet-based music services.

Topic: Open Source

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  • RE: Welcome to Ubuntu 11.10: Oneiric Ocelot

    I like "Ocelot" a lot for the same reason I like Windows 7. As W7 is a far less "kludgy" version of Vista, Ocelot is a far less"kludgy" version of Narwahl.
  • Tablet Interfaces are for Tablets

    I keep trying to like Unity, but I find it unusable. It may be that tablet interfaces like Unity need to be confined to tablets. They just don't seem to translate well to the desktop.

    I rolled back my 11.04 to Gnome. I have not yet upgraded to 11.10 because of Unity.

    I plan to go with Mint for the time being, but I don't know what the long term solution will be. Gnome 3 looks like yet another tablet GUI, and KDE is too much like Windows.

    • Mint is fabulous


      Ubuntu drove me to find an alternative due to Unity. So far, I am EXTREMELY happy with Mint- its better than Ubuntu in many ways. It will AUTOMATICALLY set you up with all those proprietary codecs which is very handy.
      • RE: Welcome to Ubuntu 11.10: Oneiric Ocelot

        @dfolk2 I didn???t care for Unity, but Ubuntu _does_ supply the Gnome 3 desktop (which you might hate as well???) and a Gnome ???Classic??? environment.
        Joel Salomon
      • i agree


        mee too this is the first ubuntu release I havent tried since 6.06

        I went mint on my desktop and laptop, and despite a few glitches has been a good experience

        i just "didnt get" unity, it just seemed way too different, i may give 11.10 a try on virtualbox sometime in the future
      • RE: Welcome to Ubuntu 11.10: Oneiric Ocelot

        Mint is straight forward, simple and efficient, however it has a decidely windows 95 look and feel (albeit some features don't work as seamlessly as win95). surely it's possible for linux to have a redesign that improves upon the look and feel without reducing functionality as Unity appears to have done?
    • RE: Welcome to Ubuntu 11.10: Oneiric Ocelot

      I'm with you. I updated one of my machines with 11.10 but not the others. The unity desktop is rubbish and why they couldn't just keep the classic I don't know as it would have served all parties. I think this will cause Ubuntu to lose a lot of followers which is a shame as it was a good product. They seem to be going the microsoft route: "We know best". That is OK for the many drones that use microsoft but will not serve Ubuntu well at all.
      • One man's "rubbish" ...

        @dwward ... is another man's treasure.

        But perhaps a more relevant quote about Ubuntu's Unity might be: "If you keep doing the same thing, you can expect the same results." In this case, with the "classic" UI, Ubuntu wasn't really growing. It certainly didn't stand out among Linux flavors, and "consumers" or average corporate users (not geeks) just didn't "get it". Unity at least offers Ubuntu/Canonical a UI that not only looks different, but operates differently -- in a good way for consumers/average desktop (or tablet?) users.

        So, this is Ubuntu/Canonical's way of trying to do something different to hopefully get different results.

        Seems to me like it's worth a shot, even if it isn't all that enticing to geeks. IT geeks who have their users' and organizations' best interests at heart should at least consider it, because it might just be a way to improve the bottom line for the business and perhaps improve the computing experience for the end-user ... even if they still choose to run Mint or whatever on their personal machines.
    • RE: Welcome to Ubuntu 11.10: Oneiric Ocelot

      @trentreviso <br>I too JUST went to 11.10,.. Disaster. I LOVE experimenting, but this hurt. I need to roll back to 11.04 but am not sure how. I was prepared to be WOWED! But NOT like this....<br>NOW I have to figure out how to go back to 11.04 Bummer! Maybe MINT IS better. Dunno? My all time preference is PS-BSC but I'll do that later. Will have to get the latest version.
  • Unity is a HUGE mistake

    Its not a mistake to try something new. It IS A MISTAKE to force your once happy users onto a half baked new interface AND GIVE THEM NO CHOICE to use the old interface which did give them what they needed.
    Ubuntu's greatest resource was the good will and advocacy of its users- and it just threw 90% of that into the garbage.
    • RE: Welcome to Ubuntu 11.10: Oneiric Ocelot

      93%. They destroyed my favourite OS.
      Is compiz still broken?
    • RE: Welcome to Ubuntu 11.10: Oneiric Ocelot

      it's not too challenging to offer an optional look to the interface (eg. like Aero in Vista/7 which can be switched on/off at the click of a button). unfortunately the current state appears to be: if you can't agree on a part of Linux, then just 'fork it' -- further fragmenting users, ultimately diminishing the usability and diluting the pool of resources.
    • Of course you have a choice

      @dfolk2 ...the other 300 distros, multiplied by the number of desktops.
      I think I like Mint Debian best. Bodhi with E17 is pretty, and low resources.
  • RE: Welcome to Ubuntu 11.10: Oneiric Ocelot

    I had 11.10 installed and tried an experiment. As my friends came over I had them try 11.10. One was a Mac Os10 user, one was a Opensuse user and one was a Win 7 user. Surprising the Mac user could do more than the other two. All three said they found it not a system they wanted to use. I have been an Ubuntu user for a little over 4 years and am sorry to say when the up dates on 10.04 run out I will not be an Ubuntu user. I also downloaded pre beta of Win 7 and I will never use it either. If one is dazzled by pretty icons, then they will love both. Me, I just want an uncluttered interface. I started out with fire control computers in 1955. In 3 months, I will be 84, still build my own and service them. I still try to stay close to the state-of-art.
    • RE: Welcome to Ubuntu 11.10: Oneiric Ocelot

      Me too. 1959. But I kinda like Win-7 also; but in "Classic" mode to get rid of the B&W crap.
      • RE: Welcome to Ubuntu 11.10: Oneiric Ocelot

        @ChoMlo @gil_seiler

        Heh, the gathering of the old fire control computer users? Well, me too but much later in 1977. Cold war submarine force and my boat had a prototype all digital fire control system (sonar system also was digital). Worked very well as a matter of fact.

        I have 3 Linux distros in 3 separate partitions, by the way. My main distro is Linux Mint Debian Edition but I'm spending a lot of time using Kubuntu 11.10 (KDE 4.7.2). The newest version of KDE is excellent.
    • RE: Welcome to Ubuntu 11.10: Oneiric Ocelot

      @gil_seiler when the up dates on 10.04 run out I will not be an Ubuntu user

      If Ubuntu brings the bottom panel back as an option in 12.04, wouldn't that be great?
  • Kudos to Ubuntu for trying somthing new

    That said, shame on them for forcing their users to use it. That sounds like the user relationship model popularized by Microsoft or Apple.<br><br>I am a new Linux user, fresh from years of Windows, so I'm probably pretty much Ubuntu's target audience, and I tried using the Unity interface in 11.04 for a couple weeks. I never felt comfortable using it (and I use Mac OSX 10.5 at work 8 hours a day which is sort of what it reminded me of).<br><br>Switched to the classic Gnome interface and fit right in immediately. As soon as I saw that you were stuck with Unity and there was no easy way to switch 11.10 back to classic Gnome, I was like "Nope, not upgrading any time soon).<br><br>Too bad. Guess I'm gonna be looking for a new distro.
  • RE: Welcome to Ubuntu 11.10: Oneiric Ocelot

    I started using Ubuntu 11.04 a few weeks ago and upgraded to 11.10 the day it was released. While I'm not 100% sold on Unity, I'm begining to make my way around it better. It's definitely different, partucularly coming from Win 7, but I figured with the potential headaches coming down the road with Win 8's Metro interface, I'd better develope more flexibility!!! I know in my reading that many MS fans are not any more excited about Metro than Linux users are of Unity or Gnome 3. Both Linux and Microsoft users need to be provided the ability to revert to the old desktop interface if they so choose.
  • RE: Welcome to Ubuntu 11.10: Oneiric Ocelot

    11.04 --> 11.10

    really, really sucks --> really sucks.

    Some improvement over the prior version but it still stinks