What Apple could buy with $100 billion cash (gallery)

What Apple could buy with $100 billion cash (gallery)

Summary: Apple committed about $25 billion of its fortune but it'll reach the $100 billion mark again soon. Now, what to buy.


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  • Acquire (and fire) Yahoo, and Research in Motion.

    Credit: CNET

  • Give every U.S. citizen a months worth of gasoline.

    Credit: CNET

  • Pay off the pirates, again.

    Credit: Wikipedia

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  • Don't give Washington DC any ideas!

    Our elected (and non-elected) officials would salivate like Pavlov's dogs at several of those ideas.
  • What Apple should do with surplus cash.

    First, they should invest about 1/4 of it in R&D, then 1/4 in scholarships for technical students, and theoretical research.
    Invest in the future.
  • Why not something useful with the Money?

    Why not Clothes, Shelter or Food for those in need? Why not Medical Treatments for those who can't afford Health Insurance? Why not back into bringing Jobs into it's own Country Homeland? Why not research projects to cure Disease?

    Why not on Education for people here? Why not a program to recycle older products and give them more life and distribute them to those who can not afford the latest and greatest in Technology?

    With so many things that would help make it a better place why waiste it and spend over sea's and not hear and be a trend sitter to help turn the worse economic times that would benefit Apple 10x fold and everyone else in the same shot?
    • You know, Apple and other companies have their money because

      you buy their products. So instead of telling them how they should spend the money you gave them, why don't you just give your money directly to solving all the problems you mentioned.
  • apple$$

    Well they are building a spaceship in Coupertino.
    preferred user
  • T-Mobile

    How about T-Mobile globally, and be rid of the robber-barron CellCo's.

    Or do it in partnership with global retailers #1 WalMart and #2 Tesco, and other interested parties like Amazon and Google, if some extra clout, outlets and arse-kicking amounts of cash needed.

    Truly unlimited plans, fixed international roaming without being fleeced, No tethering rip off, plenty cash to build out networks.
  • Take all the things Apple could buy with their cash on hand

    then realize it would only run the Federal government for 12 days. Remember this the next time you are told the Federal government doesn't have enough money and needs to raise taxes.
  • How about paying their employees more

    Or maybe they could buy some new anti-suicide nets for Foxconn
  • Build one factory in US

    It would be great to have at least one factory in US. Just to make sure that at least some local people have manufacturing skills.