What rover Spirit discovered on Mars (photos)

What rover Spirit discovered on Mars (photos)

Summary: NASA finally pulled the plug on one of the greatest Mars explorers, the rover Spirit. Here's a look at some of the things it found during its life on the Red Planet.

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  • Here's an artist's conception of what Spirit would look like on Mars.

    And here's a resume compiled by NASA of Spirit's accomplishments.

  • Just after landing the camera perched on Spirit's mast took this picture of it from above.

  • While unpacking itself on the Martian surface, Spirit took a closeup of one of its wheels.

Topic: Nasa / Space

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  • RE: What rover Spirit discovered on Mars (photos)

    I'm a dreamer and I hoped the other unit would get spirit out its bogged down situation. Of course it's not reality-- yet it sounds great --as I said I'm a dreamer.<br>The two units proved to the world that we do built great things after all when we set our minds and enthusiasm to such a project.
    • &quot;Spirit&quot; on Mars

      Orkan got it right! When we want to we can build great thing and do great things. I think that's what NASA is all about, building great things and doing great things for the "Spirit" of the people.
      • Oh, please. It was a multimillion dollar golf cart.

        Using solar panel that barely provided enough power to run a vacuum cleaner. You want big? Try this: an Orion type space craft that could send a team of fifty people to Mars in six weeks with about five thousand tons of equipment. But, oh no, that would require the use of nuclear power. The horrors. Guess we'll continue sending golf carts into space and keep lying to ourselves about how we're dreaming big.
      • fr_gough, where did you get that from

        6 weeks to mars?
        Will Pharaoh
      • RE: What rover Spirit discovered on Mars (photos)

        @fr_gough One of the first things Obama did when he got in office was slash Nasa's budget and assign them to Arab/Muslim world outreach duties. <br><br>About all we are going to be doing is DREAMING big, no way in heck that stuff you are going on about is happening; not unless there are Muslims on Mars.
        Spoiled Pork
      • @Will

        Look up project Orion. You've been conditioned to think a trip to Mars will take months because nuclear propulsion is off the table. The reality is, there is insufficient energy in chemical bonds for practical space travel. If you want interplanetary space travel, you MUST use nuclear energy.
    • NASA budget went up

  • RE: What rover Spirit discovered on Mars (photos)

    Amazing! NOW IF we could do as well in our inter-personal skills training???
  • RE: What rover Spirit discovered on Mars (photos)

    R.I.P. little guy.... you did a great LONG LONG LONG job...
  • RE: What rover Spirit discovered on Mars (photos)

    What are those three structures far out? (picture #17 )

    • RE: What rover Spirit discovered on Mars (photos)


      Those 3 "structures" are part of the rover that juts out over the camera. You can see that they stay mobile while other parts of the image move.
  • What's up with pic #4 (bedrock)?

    It looks, um, redacted?
    • That's because they've been pasted together.

      • Not redacted, &quot;constructed&quot;.

        @Wolfie2K3 You are correct. They'll take 3-4 (or sometimes dozens) pictures and put them all together to make a false panoramic image. It just looks strange because the pictures were tilted. Either the camera doesn't have a very wide field of view, or it was zoomed in to get detail.
      • RE: What rover Spirit discovered on Mars (photos)

        You're right, the photos were taken while the Spirit was climbing Husband's Hill and are therefore at an angle. Looks like four photos are overlapped.
  • Never heard the news

    "While on Mars, fans of Spirit were urged to send postcards to keep the little guy happy."

    Did any fans of Spirit ever get to Mars?
  • RE: What rover Spirit discovered on Mars (photos)

    It is amazing what you can do with a few bucks compared to the billons it has costs in other projects
  • RE: What rover Spirit discovered on Mars (photos)

    - mini dust storms
    - evidence of volcanos
    - geological history
    - sulfur and "possibly" a trace of water (most likely a volcanic deposit formed around gas vents)
    - nearly pure silica

    IOW, nothing much of note. Just a planet, and we knew that already.
  • Absolutely fascinating photos!

    Even though he was nuts and bolts with a camera, he did seem to have a human quality, and it's quite sad that he can no longer be reached. But, he provided us with some great photos and information!
  • RE: What rover Spirit discovered on Mars (photos)

    You all know that this moon and Mars stuff was all a government fake! Just a place to hide money that was given to bureaucrats and people to hush them up.