What to expect in the new BlackBerry OS 7

What to expect in the new BlackBerry OS 7

Summary: New BlackBerry's, new operating system to go along side it. A quick round up of what to expect.


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Topics: CXO, Hardware, Mobile OS, Mobility, BlackBerry

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  • RE: What to expect in the new BlackBerry OS 7

    I like my BB Bold but it is getting long in the tooth and the folks at RIM just don't seem to be leading. The tablet had a lot of great things going for it but unfortunately was half baked. Now it seems the same is true for OS7. The upcoming Torch looks promising but again nothing all that leading edge.
    • RE: What to expect in the new BlackBerry OS 7

      @bolafson how many leading edges you need, you can not get new everyday. a message is a message, a photo is a photo. a video is a video. a serious business person does not need all these toys all the time. b.b. is great for business applications.
  • RIM Job

    WTF...does RIM have utter contempt for it's customers? Or, are they just stupid? Why introduce a new O/S when QNX is just around the corner? Better to use all its resources and focus on getting QNX ready sooner and to be 100% sure that its launch doesn't suffer the same fate as the PlayBook; not ready for prime time.
    • RE: What to expect in the new BlackBerry OS 7

      @sunman66 I think (though it has been speculated for a while) that the PlayBook is the testing ground for QNX.
      • RE: What to expect in the new BlackBerry OS 7

        @zwhittaker Yes, that's what I heard too. But to launch an interim OS so close on the heels of an expected QNX launch seems like a mis-direct of resources. RIM will need to convince consumers to invest in 7OS knowing that soon after a better QNX OS will be available...why would a consumer do this? This only erodes consumer trust in RIM.
      • RE: What to expect in the new BlackBerry OS 7

        @zwhittaker This is the whole point. The smart thing to do, from logistical, consumer confidence, and future support points of view, is concentrate on one OS that is both a tablet and phone OS, not try to do two. That's not just smart, it's obvious. But then I'm a guy who can just about multitask but I can't juggle!

        What RIM are doing makes them look as if they're hedging their bets, or worse, don't have any confidence in either or both of these options. That's potentially disastrous. One mobile OS per company is all any company can handle. We already know that delays have been caused by a lack of resources. And one mobile OS per company is all customers can handle.

        The bigger picture:

        See Nokia for reference on how not to do it! For years they failed to adequately support Symbian [for instance not updating support pages for years and relying upon Ross Barkman to produce scripts and drivers for free!], until it eventually died of neglect. Then they trumpeted MeeGo. But after sitting on their laurels with their thumbs up their southern aspects, marketing decent cameras with awful phones attached - as smartphones, and allowing new player Apple and the Android players to race ahead, they let in the stock value shrinking Trojan Horse that Elop has proved to be.

        Now, utterly dependent upon Microsoft's forthcoming mobile OS for survival [read that carefully: S U R V I V A L ] - because there is no going back from where they are, they've released the least salable mobile device of all time. For all we know, the N9 may well be a decent device. Indeed it looks quite nice - but no-one will ever know. I even like the N900, but again, I'll probably never even see one.

        This is by a long long way the smartest thing Ballmer has done during his 10 year tenure as MS CEO. From his point of view, he's managed something he could never have achieved internally at Redmond, despite a city full of staff, he's created a potentially competitive combined OS and manufacturing platform, from which to attack Apple and Android. But in doing so he's turned the world's oldest and once most respected mobile phone company into his Finnish b1tch, and effectively destroyed their prospects with a significant and increasing portion of the market. So just how smart... is yet to be seen.

        At least RIM is still independent, but even without Apple in the game, theirs would be a crazy strategy. So when they're going up against an OS who's origins are in Linux, was developed from the most stable computer OS on the planet, and has itself been in development as both a tablet and phone OS for some six years already, this is just suicidal.

        A sure sign that two CEOs is not better than one maybe?
        Graham Ellison
    • RE: What to expect in the new BlackBerry OS 7

      @sunman66 rin has great respect for its customers that is why they are offering choices, b.b. 7 for querty typing. there are those who will always prefer querty. a human has 5 fingers each hand and two hands, that is not going to change in a hurry.
      qnx for those who want big screen and touch only. it is simple.
  • Message has been deleted.

  • Poor Review

    When they do innovate or improve (voice input), you say it works well but don't credit them and whine that you don't need the feature.

    The opening says nothing has changed, no improvements, etc. But if you read the comments later on apparently there are new features that work well and improve the functionality. Which is it?

    More of a rant than a review. Only informative if you ignore most of what is said and form your own opinion based on the rest.
  • RE: What to expect in the new BlackBerry OS 7

    Ha Ha - Classic! Message deleted. Imagine if every negative piece you wrote, were deleted, I'm guessing that would leave a whole lot of Apple articles?<br>Can I ask why the above comment was deleted? There was no swearing, maybe one or two typos, but fairly sound grammar.
  • BES enhancements coming?

    Zack... as the BB is primarily an enterprise device, are there any new enterprise features we should know about?

    You seem to be comparing it to consumer grade products. That's kind of like comparing a Ford F-350 to a minivan.
    • RE: What to expect in the new BlackBerry OS 7

      If there were any positive attributes to this OS, you are hardly likely to hear about them on this blog are you? Even the perfect acid test results slide had a snidey dig on it, about it being surprising "for a Blackberry".
    • RE: What to expect in the new BlackBerry OS 7

      Hi @s_southern,

      Alex from RIM here. Just chiming in here to answer your question on new enterprise features. BlackBerry 7 supports our new BlackBerry Balance technology, which provides a unified view of work and personal content while keeping the content separate and secure.

      This gives users the freedom and flexibility to carry a single smartphone for work and play ? without having to worry about sensitive business information falling into the wrong hands. You can find more information and a demo video of how it works here: http://bbry.lv/jHJuwo.

      BlackBerry 7 also supports full versions of Docs To Go, which is enabled right out-of-the-box on the upcoming Bold smartphones, allowing you to work with Word, Excel and PowerPoint files directly on your device.

      Alex, RIM Social Media Team
      • RE: What to expect in the new BlackBerry OS 7

        @alexkinsella Hey Alex, I work for an org that uses BBs and will probably get a BB soon. Is there any truth to the stylus possibility with the new touch interface? Or is it an add-on we have to buy so we don't smudge our screen with fingerprints?
  • Correct English usage

    It would make it a more interesting, informative and pleasurable pastime reading reviews if the author(s) could write correct English.
    Since when is the plural of menu "menu's"?
    Since when is the word intact spelt "in tact"?
    Etc, etc.
    • RE: What to expect in the new BlackBerry OS 7

      Careful! While I agree with the sentiment, you can never express it openly on a blog. Invariably, you catch yourself out with a typo of your own, or come across as snooty.
      Should someone be proof-reading published articles on the web? Probably.
      • RE: What to expect in the new BlackBerry OS 7

        ....plus, you have to remember that the author probably typed the article on his Blackberry.
      • RE: What to expect in the new apostrophical grammar.

        @Neily-boy <br>Yeah, I hate these excessive pretentious apostrophes also. <br>I propose we should all have to pass an apostrophe exam.<br>Until you pass the exam, you are NOT permitted to ever employ an apostrophe in ZDNET comments!<br>Hey- the exam could even be put on a CD.<br>Or maybe a couple of CD's.<br>... <br><br><br><br>... --<br>Migod- CD's? Just kidding!
    • RE: What to expect in the new BlackBerry OS 7

      @Pugwash_z <br>RE: Correct English usage<br>Since when is the word "spelled" spelled "spelt"?
  • RE: What to expect in the new BlackBerry OS 7

    Well, I was a very loyal BlackBerry user - until a few weeks ago. My BB Bold was getting a little old (2 years) and I was looking to upgrade. After looking at their new OS7 lineup, and knowing that it would be completely obsolete in one single year, I made the decision to go Android (Samsung Exhibit 4G). Why go with a new phone that app developers will have no interest in since everyone will need new apps when the QNX phone OS comes out next year? <br><br>All in all, I have been very happy with the Exhibit 4G - except for the hallmarks of the BlackBerry: tactile keyboard and messaging/email options. BB will have to hit a home run with the QNX phone OS for me to go back in two years.