What's behind those weird company names?

What's behind those weird company names?

Summary: Rick Vanover takes a look at the stories behind tech company names and logos.

TOPICS: Virtualization

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  • Product names with technology can be created in the craftiest of ways it seems. Sometimes you look at the story behind the name of the company or product, and it makes quite a bit of sense. in other cases, it is the age old technology humor that may or may not translate well to others not involved with the passion it takes to launch a company or product. I've collected a series of companies and the story behind their names in this gallery. You can view the list in the blog version here.

    At some point in time, the popular virtualization company sought a name for their hypervisor products. To achieve this, VMware sought the assistance of a marketing firm to help create a name for the products at the time known as ESX and GSX. The names returned were Elastic Sky and Ground Storm, respectively. The X was added to make it sound technical. Needless to say, the names were not exactly well received at the time. Elastic Sky in retrospect is quite appropriate given VMware's cloud focus of modern times. The name wasn't entirely dropped, however. VMware's house band goes by the name Elastic Sky and is composed of internal talent. They've performed at VMworld and can deliver quite the show, as seen in this YouTube video.
  • Acronis provides a number of system management products, including backup and recovery tools. Inquiring into the origin of the name, I found it was totally made up. Some thought was put into the first two letters, however. By selecting A the alphabetical list position would be favorable and enhanced by the second letter being C. I guess we'll have to start naming with numbers and underscores now!

Topic: Virtualization

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  • RE: What's behind those weird company names?

    SEPATON has to be the best of them all. Wonder how many customers, if any, actually figured that out on their own?
  • RE: What's behind those weird company names?

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