Windows 7 build 6956

Windows 7 build 6956

Summary: Windows 7 have come along well since the last build we looked at here. This latest pre-beta build (build 6956).


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  • MS had bettter drop the word "Ultimate"

    ... from some of those screens. I think just like "Vista", "ultimate" is pure marketing poison.
    • Re: MS had better drop the word "Ultimate"


      The more distance they put between V**** marketing and Windows 7, the better.

      Negative feelings are running amok and sure to sour the arrival of Windows 7.

      Just go back to calling it Home or Pro.
      • Ultimate also means "the last one." is this prophetic?

        Was Vista in fact the penultimate (next to last) Windows?

        I wonder if marketeers know enough about language to avoid ironic meanings.
        Seryy Volk
        • Windows 7 Complete

          Rather than reuse the "Ultimate" name from Vista, MS should use the term "Complete" since this is the only version that has everything included.
          • Complete?

            That makes the others sound incomplete. Which may be true but is bad from a marketing stand point. I'm all for returning to the Home and Professional versions, perhaps with a Multimedia badge as well, but that's it.
          • Suggest: Microsoft Windows Enough(TM)

            instead Ultimate and so on. Greetings are accepted: I'm a Mac
            now!!! :)
          • Already like that

            The Home version is called "basic" and the pro version is called "business". They mearly added the multimedia version you suggested with media center. Home with mc is called home premium and pro with mc is called ultimate.
  • RE: Windows 7 build 6956 - Desktop (Windows 7 build 6956)

    Sigh. Ultimate is naturally a marketing position. Just like the name of ANYTHING YOU CAN BUY EVER IN ANY PRODUCT CATEGORY EVER! Ever hear of Band-aids?


    Sorry everyone! Usually don't resort to caps.

    Anyway, Ultimate is useless to pretty much everyone out there. If the naming scheme remains the same, get Home Premium and live at peace. But stay away from Home Basic if you ever want to do anything besides word process and browse the web.

    I will go as far as to say that MS should drop this 3 version deal. Give us a basic OS at a base cost and allow for modules expanding functionality so that I can set up my OS to my needs without anything else. And naturally allow me to add modules in the future. They sort of do this in that you can go from home premium to ultimate, but its too broad at the moment.

    On the other hand, to tell you the truth, I'm pretty sure I use just about ever feature available in Vista Home Premium so my own point is moot. But to others, I'm sure it would make more sense.

    "The views expressed here are mine and do not reflect the official opinion of my employer or the organization through which the Internet was accessed."
  • RE: Windows 7 build 6956 - Desktop (Windows 7 build 6956)

    I agree with all the posts.....
  • RE: Windows 7 build 6956 - Desktop (Windows 7 build 6956)

    Or resort to a thesaurus to come up with new adjectives instead of "Ultimate".

    Windows 7 "Radical" anyone?
    • Different versions?

      Why not just have one version and just leave it at that? When Vista first hit, it would have cost me $130 or so for an OEM copy of Home Premium. Less for Home Basic and WAY the hell more for "Ultimate"! In the words of my best friend's Drill instructor, "Keep it simple stupid!" One version, one price, less hassle.
      • Duh?

        If only one version was available, it would be what is the "ultimate" version as it contains everything. You would be forced to buy what you don't need, so another guy could buy what he does need. If the automakers did as you suggest, they would keep it simple with 100K dollar Caddys with dually rear ends and all the bells and whistles. Everyone couldn't use a chevette or corvette. I say the more "models" the better, as then I can purchase only what I need.
  • RE: Windows 7 build 6956 - Desktop (Windows 7 build 6956)

    How about if Microsoft will name the next operating system just Windows 7. It is applicable for both the home and office use. Windows 7 Server for server or data center purposes.
  • Har Har

    A beta fish. I get it.

    I wish I'd thought of that.
  • It looks like...

    ... A prettier Windows Vista. Not impressive. I'm all for the flashy-ness, but in the case of vista, there are far too many problems that were overlooked in making the system "flashy". We'll have to wait until Windows 7 comes out to see how it fares. Until then, I have no desire to get this.
    D2 Ultima
    • Microsoft (R) MacOS 7(TM)

      lol. Soon you will not call it Windows but MacOS. I like to see what are the system requirements for that new system since I barely run Vista Aero with windows rating 2.0
  • PRETTY, BUT..........

    I don't really care what it looks and feels like. I just don't want to be forced to go buy all new hardware to use this version. It must have backwards compatible drivers!
  • RE: Windows 7 build 6956 - Desktop (Windows 7 build 6956)

    "Custom installation"
    Federico Churca-Torrusio
  • RE: Windows 7 build 6956 - Desktop (Windows 7 build 6956)

    Just wondering: How are you getting the screenshots of Windows booting up? Are you using a VM, some VGA/DVI video capture device, or something else? (Or did Microsoft implement the much-requested "allow print screen even when Windows is booting" feature? :)
    • ?print screen?

      Did u ever seen a working print screen feature for graphics in any os? my guess is the author did use a vm, since no screenshots would stay in ram after a reboot.