Windows 8 - a first look (screenshots)

Windows 8 - a first look (screenshots)

Summary: Microsoft officially took the wraps off of Windows 8, unveiling its radically revised new operating system. Take a look.


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  • Every Metro-style app has access to a full range of system services, including the ability to pick files from a screen that looks like no Windows dialog box you’ve seen before.

  • One place where the old desktop occasionally intrudes into the new, modern shell is with the appearance of the restyled task manager. Clicking its icon on the Start screen pops up a simple list of running apps, with an End Task button you can use to kill a program that isn’t responding.

  • Clicking the More Details arrow at the bottom displays an expanded Task Manager, similar to the one shown here. The additional details on the Processes tab, for example, allow you to see at a glance whether an individual app is using a disproportionate amount of memory, CPU resources, or network bandwidth. The App History tab provides a historical view of the same data.

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  • RE: Windows 8 - a first look (screenshots)

    This reminds me a lot of Unity
    • RE: Windows 8 - a first look (screenshots)


      Agreed, Marion.
    • RE: Windows 8 - a first look (screenshots)

      Except not. Unity is more like iOS
      • RE: Windows 8 - a first look (screenshots)

        @mjlaverty@... Therefore MS is copying Apple again?

        Or what is your point?
    • RE: Windows 8 - a first look (screenshots)

      Michael Alan Goff
    • RE: Windows 8 - a first look (screenshots)

      @marionspd More like Sugar
    • RE: Windows 8 - a first look (screenshots)


      This reminds me of Tetris for the visually challenged.
  • RE: Windows 8 - a first look (screenshots)

    I like what I see till now. Windows 8 (or whatever it is finally called) is a strong candidate to take on the mighty iPad. Hope MS is not too late in releasing it, else might have a tough time like Windows Phone.
    • RE: Windows 8 - a first look (screenshots)

      @sunilgmishra : Windows Phone have not a tough time... What do you talking about??<br><br>Microsoft volontarly talk there time to let Windows Phone take its place an they will start the machine at the Windows Phone 7.1 OS Mango release... Microsoft told that clearly...
  • RE: Windows 8 - a first look (screenshots)

    Am I wrong or do the Control Panel shots remind me of WordPress control screens?
    • RE: Windows 8 - a first look (screenshots)


      Yes and not a bad thing I spend more time looking at a WordPress dashboard than anything else ;-)
  • RE: Windows 8 - a first look (screenshots)

    i dont like it, not all of us are smartphone die hards...
    • RE: Windows 8 - a first look (screenshots)

      @barbibphc : You never try it ... You will love it when you will try it... Beleve me.
    • RE: Windows 8 - a first look (screenshots)

      @barbibphc Count me in. I am also disappointed with the Metro UI :(
  • RE: Windows 8 - a first look (screenshots)

    lame.. while I understand marketing towards 'touchscreens & pads'.. I havent seen much that is neat/new for the good ol' PC. all the 'familiar' zoom and sliding features are for touchscreen and are geared toward smart phone & tablet users. (big deal)..

    seems a bit small minded to build a whole OS around those type of users.

    (but then again look at ME and Vista.. so this seems par for the course)

      @whispers_z I totally agree. New features that have yet to be proven, which are obviously supposed to be aimed at the pad/phone crowd, are another attempt to get people away from a desktop and look at all the pretty finger boxes. The whole visual experience alone, except for the personal file listing, has convinced me to avoid Win 8 altogether and wait for something that makes more sense and is less insulting to the eyes. they really should have listened to more user input like with seven. To me, this is just another Vista fiasco waiting to get spanked.
      • RE: Windows 8 - a first look (screenshots)


        I agree with everything you said. Unfortunately avoiding Win8 and waiting for something that makes more sense will probably mean giving up windows entirely. Microsoft has long wanted to find a way to force computer users to a net based paradigm, and with what I saw Win8 is just that. It is also highly unlikely that Microsoft will include an option to revert Win8 back to a classic style desktop, which in all truth would probably be Win8's only saving grace but I won't be holding my breath on that one.
      • RE: Windows 8 - a first look (screenshots)

        @ARGUS733@... : You are wrong ... you will see... just try it and you will adopte it ... To have an Idea just go to Carrier store and ask to try a Windows Phone smartphone, a working one not a stub phone an just try it... Windows Phone has the same Metro UI than Windows 8 will have... THis is so smooth you will love it for sure...
    • RE: Windows 8 - a first look (screenshots)

      @whispers_z : no! you ar wrong ... The Windows 8 Metro UI ( sliding interface ) will also work perfectly with a mouse...
  • RE: Windows 8 - a first look (screenshots)

    Oh, goody, a cluttered desktop; just what I always wanted. This is why I passed on the Windows phone.