Windows 8: The 'out of the box' experience (screenshots)

Windows 8: The 'out of the box' experience (screenshots)

Summary: A walkthrough guide of installing and playing with Windows 8 (developer preview) on a touch-screen computer.


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  • In previous leaked builds, we have seen a "betta fish" ('beta' software, after all) as the boot screen graphic. In later leaked builds, the familiar spinning dots appeared at the bottom of the screen, as is in this case. Not willing to reveal any branding, the boot screen is simple and clean -- simply reading "Windows Developer Preview".

  • It is about time, but Windows finally has a new Blue Screen of Death -- showing a giant sad-faced emoticon, and any details (in plain English, for the first time ever) as to why there is a problem with either setup, or with the copy of Windows. At least this way now, it allows the user to search for the problem without having to dissect the blue-screen error messages.

  • Once setup has finished doing what it needs to do, this screen will appear -- allowing you to personalise your experience, change key settings and eventually log in to your new Windows machine. This screen fades away, as it is only a 'welcome' screen.

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  • RE: Windows 8: The 'out of the box' experience (screenshots)

    looks ugly and clunky - would not even consider it on my PC - even if it had a touch screen (my PC, that is). Why does MS have to make W8 look like a enlarged Iphone???? Guess i'll be sticking with XP for a lot longer. :)
    • RE: Windows 8: The 'out of the box' experience (screenshots)

      @goldenpirate@... Technology has moved past you I guess. Only cynical people who don't WANT something new/innovative would stick with XP for personal use for this long. It's time to move on and try something new or stop commenting.
      • RE: Windows 8: The 'out of the box' experience (screenshots)

        @jmckay417 I have an iPad, a Windows 7 and and I still like XP best. I am checking out the ISO though.
      • RE: Windows 8: The 'out of the box' experience (screenshots)

        It has nothing to do with technology or innovation. It is just user interface. It is different from Windows XP. Comparing to what is available in the market it looks clunky and un-userfriendly.
        Van Der
      • RE: Windows 8: The 'out of the box' experience (screenshots)

        Ugly and clunky, however high tech, is still just ugly and clunky. I would not want something so hideous on my computer screen however high tech it is supposed to be. There are other high tech and higher tech alternatives, the ugly and new Windows is not required.

        If you view all the pictures in the article the only picture with any beauty is the first and all that beauty is blocked by a big square block of puke green. All the other pictures in the article of Windows 8 are hideously ugly.

        I have said this before, if the next computer that I purchase comes with windows 8 on it I will pay extra to install something other than windows 8. I could not go though my day looking at that horrible screen when there is no need for it to be so visually unappealing.
      • RE: Windows 8: The 'out of the box' experience (screenshots)

        @jmckay417 i guess you are the only one who has brains.. i am suprised to see someone talking about xp being better than windows 7.. shame on all. really looks like technology ha sjust passed quite a lot of people... windows 8 is just so far. what do these guys want.. something easy i guess dont want to use brans eeh..
    • RE: Windows 8: The 'out of the box' experience (screenshots)

      @goldenpirate@... I agree 100% - MS looks like they are trying to compete with a phone :-D. Windows 7 UI is nice, Linux KDE is better.

      Heck, Ubuntu Unity and Gnome Shell are better... Well, doesn't look like Linux community has anything to worry about with this release :-D.
      • RE: Windows 8: The 'out of the box' experience (screenshots)

        @LinuxRocks <br><br>That's your opinion. <br><br>Let's see if it's the Year of Linux this time, I'm guessing no and it will still remain a hobbyist OS, in terms of the desktop hovering around 1% market share.

        I know I shouldn't feed the troll, but this constant blithering about Linux is just annoying.
      • RE: Windows 8: The 'out of the box' experience (screenshots)

        @LinuxRocks Oh please, another Linux idiot shouting from the rooftops of irrelevance. Linux is a joke. I also find it hilarious how a Linux has the audacity to claim Linux has nothing to worry about from Windows, considering Linux can't even manage 1% market share, against Windows 90% market share.
      • RE: Windows 8: The 'out of the box' experience (screenshots)

        @johndow1 Every year is the year of Linux according to this idiots, yet it can't manage more than 1% market share. Not matter how often these tools yell "Linux is great," nobody will listen. If they were listening, Windows 7 wouldn't have sold over 420 million licenses.
      • RE: Windows 8: The 'out of the box' experience (screenshots)

        Last time i tried Gnome and KDE (a few month ago) i wasnt too impress by the lack of finish of those user interfaces.

        I dont think windows neither has anything to worry about linux interfaces. We still wait for those never to be seen Year of linux.
      • RE: Windows 8: The 'out of the box' experience (screenshots)

        Yep, I guess Linux will continue to dominate in PC sales. You're funnier than the guy still using XP!
      • RE: Windows 8: The 'out of the box' experience (screenshots)

        @LinuxRocks Linux users have a lot to worry about with this release; Microsoft's made a list of most of the advantages Linux had over Windows and incorporated them: an app store, KDE copy dialog, mounting ISOs and virtual HDs, being able to run a copy of your desktop on a flash drive, toggling between a desktop and tablet interface, integrated PDF reader, native virtualization tools, KDE's "plasma" HTML5 + Javascript desktop apps, etc. The only thing it really missed was virtual desktops.

        @ johndow1 It's already been the year of Linux as the Linux kernel has captured the majority of the smartphone market and many other areas from servers to routers.

        @jhammackHTH The "joke" is powering your web server, your phone, your car, your router, your tv, etc. Companies like Disney/Pixar, DreamWorks Animation, Sony, ILM and other movie production studios produce films with it and The Matrix, Titanic, Gladiator, Superman Returns, What Dreams May Come, Cats and Dogs, Shrek, The Perfect Storm, Prince of Egypt, The Road to El Dorado, Antz, Chicken Run, Deep Blue Sea, Star Trek: Insurrection, Fantasia 2000, Men in Black, Hollow Man and other movies have been produced with software running on Linux. In 1998 1 of the top 500 supercomputers was running Linux. In 2011 it's 413. Companies like Facebook, Amazon, eBay and Twitter are running their businesses with it. It's quite clear that Linux isn't going away.

        Finally, if you're going to talk about market share, you're just going to invite the Apple apologists to post and proclaim that the iPhone and iPad are perfect solely because of their position in the market. :-) Linux Geek's comments were wrong, but unfair counterattacks don't help.
      • RE: Windows 8: The 'out of the box' experience (screenshots)

        Apparently MS is demanding hardware changes that will block your ability to boot up the Linux variant of your choice. That will give Linux fans some pause, as well as ammo to the anti-trust folks.
        Elwood Diverse
    • RE: Windows 8: The 'out of the box' experience (screenshots)


      Looks pretty good to me. For those that don't want the metro style you can bet there will be a classic desktop/win 7 mode as well. MS won't leave businesses behind by only providing metro. I'm confident there will be GPO settings to control this.
      • RE: Windows 8: The 'out of the box' experience (screenshots) I installed the preview on a VM last night and It is fantastic, I can't wait to install it on my TouchSmart tm2 :-) ( I just need to pick up another HDD for it as I don't want to wipe out my Windows 7 install. I want a fresh install.)
      • RE: Windows 8: The 'out of the box' experience (screenshots) you can keep the metro as it does little to help me do my business. If it can configure to a 'working environment' then I'll upgrade to catch the all the other benefits. The preview metro edition is cute but I don't need cute thank you.
      • RE: Windows 8: The 'out of the box' experience (screenshots)
        With the dev preview you can nix metro and get the win 7 start menu back with a registry setting. I think you will be able to control this setting via group policy in the enterprise.
    • RE: Windows 8: The 'out of the box' experience (screenshots)


      If you had actually used a WP7 phone, you would have realised that its UI is light years beyond the iToys. Now everyone will be able to use this smart and responsive UI no matter how much FUD the bloggers put out.

      As to XP, my condolences.
      • Surprisingly True

        Tried one and was very surprised.
        Now if I can find one with 4G and up to date hardware.....