You know you're a Words with Friends addict if...

You know you're a Words with Friends addict if...

Summary: Addicted to Words with Friends? Yeah, me, too. Prepare to laugh at yourself and every other WwF addict as some (or all) of the following realizations sink in!


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    And just so you know what you're talking about when you use those words, here are the definitions for each of them:

    Zoeal: Any of the free-swimming larva of certain crustaceans, as the crab, having rudimentary legs and a spiny carapace.

    Sajou: Same as Sapajou; a capuchin monkey.

    Pyin: An albuminous constituent of pus.


    If you don't, they are as follows: EAU, AA, AE, AI, OE, and OI

    And if you completely bend the "sometimes 'Y'" rule and make it a 24/7 vowel (why not, right?), you've got even more to work with: AY, OY, YA, YE, YO, AYE, EYE, YAY, YEA, and YOU

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    I swear, even if Zynga gave us 121 slots, I would probably have them all filled up. Sad, but true.

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  • Color me an addict.

    Lol! Good stuff. Is it bad that I am pinpointed by over half of these?
  • You know you're a Words with Friends addict if...

    you're Alec Baldwin and get kicked off a plane because you won't quit playing Words with Friends in the lavatory and take your seat for takeoff.
  • You forgot the cheating

    Nearly every chronic WWF player I've met (especially my family members) has open. It has scrabble dictionaries built in, and accepts wildcard characters to figure out exactly what words you can make with those tiles in your hand.
    • Indeed. is another. And actually, I did have something about cheating in the first run of this -- something to the effect of "if you play against people you know are cheating, just so you can learn new, outlandish words to use." I know when I'm playing against a cheater (and immediately let go of my competitive impulse so I can play them without getting miffed -- all to learn new words, lol), but I also play against people who many would *think* are cheating. The trick is finding a handful of people you know you can trust to not cheat, but who give you a challenge.
      • The alternative being to cheat back

        Which can be amusing in its own right. The final board of a pair of cheaters can be one of the most bizarre things you've ever seen.
    • Cheating
  • Can anyone say, "password generator"?

    I'm looking at some of these words that people are using in this game, and all I can think is that if you add a number or two and maybe a punctuation mark, you've got the makings of a blessedly secure password! Better yet: mix them up: "ZOEA8_QAID"; or even "CATBIRD4U!"

    Of course, in a real password you wouldn't use all upper case; still, who on this earth would guess that your password is "OXO7.ADZE"?
  • words with friends

    What is words with friends in the first place? I may have heard of it, but don't know anything about it. I guess that makes me a non-addict.
    • Words With Friends

      This game is like Scrabble. You can start as many games as you want with anyone that is on your FB friends list. I currently have 8 games going. If you like Scrabble you will like Words With Friends.
  • Words with friends cheat

    I LOOOOVE this game, it is easily my favorite iPhone game. I also am a Huge fan of Hangin??? with Friends, another extremely addictive games. I also use the ANAGRAMMER to give me more hints..
  • You know you're a Words with Friends addict if...

    You clearly see Alec Baldwin was above reasonable! :-)
  • Words With Friends

    You're an addict me, you get frustrated when it's 2 a.m. and all of your opponents have gone to bed and you still have amazing word plays!
  • Two letter combinations

    The game has never excepted EA when I have typed it. I believe this is a typo. Anyone else? Happy gaming.