ZDNet through the years, 1997-2010

ZDNet through the years, 1997-2010

Summary: ZDNet has been on the Internet for a long time -- all the way back to 1991. Here's a look at ZDNet's design through the years, from 1997 to 2010.

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  • ZDNet in December 2005. Apple is working to patch flaws in its Mac OS X operating system, the Wall Street Journal's Walt Mossberg proclaims that mobile phones "rule," and Shai Agassi -- then with SAP -- declares that services are the way of the future.

  • ZDNet in December 2006. Intel's quad-core Xeon 5355 is new, and so is Ubuntu 7.04 "Feisty Fawn," only in alpha at press time.

  • ZDNet in August 2009. Clearwire said 2009 would be WiMax's "tipping point," and Microsoft was up to its neck in litigation in Europe from the "browser ballot" snafu.

Topic: Browser

Andrew Nusca

About Andrew Nusca

Andrew Nusca is a former writer-editor for ZDNet and contributor to CNET. During his tenure, he was the editor of SmartPlanet, ZDNet's sister site about innovation.

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  • Image Gallery 3 -- August 2000

    Yep! That's the one that I recognized right off the bat and it's been in my memory for so long; I <em>really</em> like the look of the website, even though the "yellow" part with the logo in it is bland. It's during those times that I came here for news. Recently, I simply cannot believe that news-related blogging (whether opinionated or not) is all the rage these days.
    Grayson Peddie
  • RE: ZDNet through the years, 1997-2010

    Anything I need to know or something, I find in ZDNet first, because there many things I can get. I think I have followed ZDNet from the beginning. Happy 20th Anniversary!...
  • RE: ZDNet through the years, 1997-2010

    I remembered "attending" ZDNET University" online to learn about PaintShop Pro and how to make buttons and create basic web pages.
    WOW 20 years... I also remember running a bbs back in the days before there was the internet. I was a sysop of 2 bbs's.