Pipex may choose buyer soon

Pipex may choose buyer soon

Summary: Reports suggest that the last pieces of Pipex — its web-hosting and business-services divisions — could soon be sold

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Pipex is reportedly close to choosing a buyer for its web-hosting and business-services divisions.

The telecoms company sold off its broadband and phone divisions to Tiscali last year. It also spun off its wireless division, which has since rebranded as Freedom4. Pipex still owns part of Freedom4, which is currently one of the main companies trying to push the long-range wireless technology WiMax into the UK market. Freedom4's other owner is Intel.

According to an article in the Financial Times on Wednesday, Pipex is now poised to make a decision about who will win an auction for its remaining web-hosting and business-services divisions.

Three bidders are reportedly being seriously considered: Oakley Capital, a private-equity group set up by Pipex founder Peter Dubens; the telecommunications firm Thus Group; and the German company United Internet.

Pipex did not respond to a request for comment on the Financial Times report.

Topic: Networking

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  • time to leave 123-reg/pipex then?

    After the recent DNS fiasco with 123-reg, the domains and hosting section of pipex it may not be surprising they are trying to flog it off.

    sounds like its held together with a shoestring budget and minimal staff.

    time to migrate me thinks.