Planetary Resources space telescope needs your help to get off the ground

Planetary Resources space telescope needs your help to get off the ground

Summary: Private company Planetary Resource is trying to collect $2 million through crowdfunding to help build a space telescope which will be accessible to the public.

TOPICS: Nasa / Space

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  • (Image: Planetary Resources)


    Planetary Resources plans to identify potentially rich asteroids, and then send robot-spacecraft to prospect for valuable resources.

  • (Image: NASA)

    Swarm of spacecraft

    The company plans to send its first mining mission to an asteroid that contains water, which can be converted into breathable air, radiation shielding, and rocket fuel.

  • (Image: Kleck Institute)

    Asteroid capture concept

    NASA plans to gain resources from asteroids on a grander scale. Unmanned spacecraft will be sent to a smaller asteroid to "capture it".

Topic: Nasa / Space

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  • wow

    Is the figure of $885 million accurate? Has any other crowd funding attempt raised this much money?
    • It's 885 thousand

      The editors are on summer break.
  • The figure must have been a typo

    The figure is actually $885,000.00 not $885,000,000.00

    It must have been a typo.

    --Zechariah Blanchard
    Exosphere Founder
    Zechariah Blanchard
    • Still an impressive sum

  • Howard Schmidt really?

    His name is Eric. How do you get "Howard" from that?
  • kickstarter

    More like 900k now! Here's the link to the kickstarter page -