PlusNet trumps Wanadoo's broadband price cuts

PlusNet trumps Wanadoo's broadband price cuts

Summary: Brief: PlusNet has followed and surpassed Wanadoo's lower pricing on broadband, bringing the price of a two megabit connection down to £19.99 a month

TOPICS: Networking
PlusNet has responded to Wanadoo's recent price cuts by offering 1Mb connections at £14.99 a month, and 2Mb connections at £19.99 a month.

"If Wanadoo truly meant business, this is the kind of pricing they would be putting in place," said Marco Potesta, marketing director at PlusNet.

It follows Wanadoo's announcement yesterday that it would be undercutting its rivals, such as PlusNet, by offering 1Mb connections at £17.99 a month. BT's 1Mb service costs £29.99 a month.

PlusNet's cheaper broadband pricing will be available from tomorrow.

Topic: Networking

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  • let hope telewest do something be they are
    expensisive compared to plusnet &wanadoo
  • This looks like it will be throttled back to 1GB of data a month. Nice to see the prices coming down but let's lose the download limits first.
  • Remember wanadoo's 1mb service has a meagre 2gb limit, but all wanadoo customers should note that they don't monitor usage yet, so get as much while you still can!