Pocket Informant 3.1 for iOS gets tight integration with Evernote

Pocket Informant 3.1 for iOS gets tight integration with Evernote

Summary: Two of the most important apps I use on the iPad get tight integration in an upcoming version of one of the apps.

TOPICS: Mobility, Apps, iPad
PI image
Image credit: webIS

One of the most heavily apps on my iPad is getting an update that makes it work seamlessly with another important app I use. Pocket Informant 3.1 (PI) for iOS is about to be released and the new tight integration with Evernote brings note reminders from the latter into the former's calendars.

I've been using an early version of Pocket Informant 3.1 on both of my iPads and developer webIS has done a marvelous job making its app play nicely with Evernote. The new integration in Pocket Informant has not only made that app more valuable to me in my daily routine but has also made Evernote even more important to my work flow. That's exactly what new features should do when they bring two powerful apps together.

Pocket Informant has long been one of the best calendar/task/note apps on both Android and iOS and I have used it for years. It is the ultimate calendar app that makes it a breeze to get a handle on a busy work day. 

EN note
Image credit: James Kendrick/ZDNet

Evernote has also been around for a long time and is a superb note app. I use it heavily, even as a writing app due to the ability to access my notes on any device/platform.

That access includes Pocket Informant, as all my notes are synced to PI and are accessible in that app. I can create new Evernote apps right inside PI and they instantly show up in my Evernote cloud storage. More importantly, notes created in Evernote with reminders, which effectively makes them to-do items, now appear in my PI calendar where they are most useful.

Note in PI
Evernote note in Pocket Informant -- Image credit: James Kendrick/ZDNet

To-do items created in Evernote not only appear in PI, they can be marked as done in the latter app. This new collaboration between the two apps makes both apps more functional and thus better for my work.

PI calendar
Pocket Informant calendar with Evernote to-do -- Image credit: James Kendrick/ZDNet

Pocket Informant 3.1 has a lot of new features, too numerous to mention in this article. It should be available in the iTunes app store soon.

Topics: Mobility, Apps, iPad

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  • You have to make do with limitations on your platform

    When you don't have access to full OneNote or Outlook, you make do with pale imitations. Those of us with hammers are glad for you that you found a shoe with a harder sole for hammering nails.
    • Ok, I'll answer to you

      I have use Onenote and Outlook for a long long time, years indeed, in my TabletPC. And you know? I prefer using Evernote and combine it with other software instead Outlook (in my case, calendar and tasks apps in ios and iCloud Web). For my use, Outlook is over-dimension, and OneNote, although I have always love it's digital ink, is heavy and slow when you compare it with Evernote.

      Of course, I understand a lot of people need/prefer Outlook capabilities, and its integration with Onenote, but you must also understand there are people who need/prefer other options.

      So please, stop criticism against everything James writes about using something that's not Windows, Office, Surface, etc. you have your choice, and I think is good for you, but maybe not for us.
      • Nice response

        I wish James would show as much respect to those who have chosen something he happens to hate.
        • Just to clarify your comment...

          By not mentioning something, James 'hates' it.
          By not mentioning apps he doesn't use, he shows no respect to those who use them.

          On the other hand, in belittling apps you don't use and those who use them, you are being respectful.

          Got it.

          By the way, I have a new avatar for you to use: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:ClassicBizarro.PNG
    • OneWorld

      Get over your over-zealousness and accept that there are many many colors in the spectrum. You, todd, you like the Microsoft Blue. Fine, have it it. Paint your house blue.

      If others prefer green then let them. No one's doing anything wrong by preferring another color.

      At no point in this post did James bad mouth any of your beloved MS Stack, and yet you immediately launch into attack mode about just 'how much better Outlook and OneNote are. Let's ignore the fact that you can pick up PI for a one off $5 and Evernote can be had for nothing - OR you can pay $9.99 for an Office Subscription. Let's see. One solution = $5, all in, another $99.99 per year. Hmm - fail basic economics did we?

      Usually people do this because they feel threatened.

      Todd, you're both quaking and walking like a duck here...

      Those of us with brains are glad for that your found an outlet for your trollish attitude...(We can sit and stare and point at the silly trolls as they come marching by, one by one).
      Lost In Clouds of Data
      • I think it would be great if James stopped posting about Microsoft products

        "Usually people do this because they feel threatened."

        Yes, I think James IS very threatened by Microsoft products. He reminds me a lot of SJVN. When they post "reviews" about the products that they love, I'm sure that other people who also love those products feel great about having a biased review confirm that they bought the right device. And that's fine. While I would claim that you would get a more unbiased review of an apple product by watching an apple commercial, fanboys need fansites and I don't see any reason why James can't write fan fiction for apple and its fanboys.

        It is when James then "reviews" Microsoft products and tells me that I can't be productive on my Surface because it has a keyboard (while then writing a review of how fantastic the ipad is with a keyboard). He tells me that I can't log in to my Surface unless I'm connected to the Internet which is a blatant lie. He tells me that my 1.5lb Surface is too heavy and thick to be a portable device while extolling the portable nature of his 2+lb ipad (with keyboard).

        "If others prefer green then let them. No one's doing anything wrong by preferring another color."

        So yes, of course. Please tell James this. I encourage him to continue writing his apple fan fiction. But please, encourage him to stop telling me that I can't carry my Surface around or use it productively because I have the option of switching to a desktop when it is convenient for me.

        Will you do that?
        • You're smoking crack, Toddy ol' boy

          I don't follow ZD religiously so don't usually keep track of which sector the blogger's post about. From what I can tell though from a cursory examination, James seems to concentrate in the Apple arena. Which is fine. Since you seem to be acutely aware of this yourself then save yourself some blood pressure pills and stop following his posts. Problem solved! (My, how so simple).

          That said, I looked back on a few of his recent posts. One he was talking about how Apple's launch events always gain the biggest public eye. Well, he's right, they do. When Apple coughs even my local news channel rolls out another iStory.

          Another post he mentioned a Macbook in passing but nothing more than than. A third was even musing that a Nokia Booklet hybrid running Windows 8 might be a real good thing. Didn't see any Apple fan fiction there. Only fiction I seem to come across if from zealots like yourself.

          So, stop trolling. We know you don't like Apple. Fine. Trouble is that we've heard it time and time and time before. Now you just come across as a nasty, ugly mindless despicable troll. You whine like pubescent school kid, never putting in anything constructive just waw...waw...waw...

          Your trouble Todd is that you've become so jaded that you're now in the position to infer "Apple Rules, Microsoft Sucks Big Time" for ANYTHING James writes. He can't win with you but you go on regardless, troll, troll, trolling away.

          (For the record, I do not like ANYTHING Apple related myself; however I respect the fact that millions do and James is providing a valuable service here so stop ya bitchin', and sit back down in your chair (we'll send someone round later to turn it on for you)).
          Lost In Clouds of Data
          • I said "Review"

            None of those are reviews. His reviews use a completely inconsistent standard based on the company that made the product in the review. When an apple tablet is 2lbs+, it is perfectly mobile. When a Surface is 1.5lbs, it is big and bulky and heavy. When a Windows tablet has a keyboard, it is a tweener device, neither a good tablet nor a good laptop. When an apple tablet has a keyboard, it is a perfect writing machine PC replacement (although after getting this "PC replacement" he went on to buy a Chromebook, a macbook pro, and a macbook air, sure glad we are Post-PC).

            He has also been caught writing blatant lies like not being able to sign in to Windows tablets without a connection to the Internet. He has been challenged with this fact and has never updated his article or admitted he was wrong. That is dishonest.

            "I respect the fact that millions do and James is providing a valuable service here"

            Absolutely, he writes great fan fiction that makes apple people feel great about not having access to the best software in the world. That's fine. It is a valuable service to stroke the egos of apple fanboys.

            Just stop writing about Microsoft products unless he can do it using the same standards that he uses when he writes about apple products. Based on his writing history on ZDNet and on twitter (where he constantly writes about how much he hates all past, present, and future Microsoft powered products, he already hates the Nokia 1020) I doubt he has the ability to do this. With that in mind, he should just stop writing about Microsoft.
          • Just a quick note

            "Since you seem to be acutely aware of this yourself then save yourself some blood pressure pills and stop following his posts. Problem solved! (My, how so simple)."

            I could say the same to you. From my devil steve jobs avatar, it is easy to spot my posts. Don't read them since they upset you so much.
  • Could you give us links to James saying:

    "I can't be productive on my Surface because it has a keyboard"

    or that your "1.5lb Surface is too heavy and thick to be a portable device."

    I'm curious also about this statement: "I can't carry my Surface around or use it productively because I have the option of switching to a desktop when it is convenient for me."

    So you can be productive with your Surface by using a desktop instead? Also, besides claiming to own a laptop that's too heavy to be portable and a tablet that's too small to be useable, I've never seen you claim to own a desktop. Is this just something you bought to make your Surface productive?
  • Threatened: Not

    • A great example



      • James and I both encourage you to read his twitter feed

        Note that James wants us to read his tweets which is why next to his name in all his ZDNet articles he has chosen to write "Follow @jkendrick". I am happy to accept James invitation to read what he wants to post on Twitter. I encourage all ZDNet folk to take James up on his invitation, no matter how you feel about his writing. If you are an apple fanboy, you will really like everything he tweets and that's a good thing. If you aren't, you will see a lot of context for what he posts on ZDNet and that's a good thing too.
  • "A_quick_glance_at_your_twitter_feed_and_any_article_you've_written_..."

    I've said it before, James: You have a stalker.

    He's logging everything you write, and keeping score.