Podcast: Mobile device platform wars

Podcast: Mobile device platform wars

Summary: Jason Perlow and Veeam's Rick Vanover discuss the merits of Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows Phone and RIM BlackBerry 10.


In this episode, Rick Vanover once again hosts Jason Perlow. Jason is a writer and editor for the Tech Broiler blog at ZDNet.

Rick and Jason also had a record number of issues on Skype for this call! Jason also has taken on a new role at Microsoft, which is explained in this episode.

Rick and Jason talk at length about Android, BlackBerry, Windows phone and Apple products and their impact in the larger technology landscape.

Topics: Mobile OS, Android, Enterprise Software, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Windows Phone


Jason Perlow, Sr. Technology Editor at ZDNet, is a technologist with over two decades of experience integrating large heterogeneous multi-vendor computing environments in Fortune 500 companies. Jason is currently a Partner Technology Strategist with Microsoft Corp. His expressed views do not necessarily represent those of his employer.

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  • What is going on??

    I thought this Ahole Jason was a MS basher...He now works for Microsoft??
  • Worst podcast player ever...

    Restarting the steam and seeking to the point when it last stopped playing (because you can't continue when it stops... nor does it buffer. It just dies). Arrrrgh, so frustrating!
  • Now on topic...

    I found this very interesting. I, myself, am still very much undecided. After using the iPhone since the 3GS (through the 4 and a carrier upgrade to the 4S when I had coverage issues), I am now pretty much "over" the Apple handsets and am looking for new toys to play with. It's really interesting hearing these guys struggle too. Here's the deal as I se it (and I'm from Australia, so some of the options are totally different).

    1) I think the Samsung Galaxy SIII 4G is the best phone on the market at this point. I like it a LOT. Was tempted to go the Note II, but I prefer to keep my two devices (phone and tablet) and not get a phablet. I, however, don't like the way TouchWiz screws with Android. I mean... they removed the swype keyboard and the device settings pull-down from the Jellybean update to put in their own inferior version? Why? And it took HOW LONG to get the update out? As someone who owns a Nexus 7 (as my first real 'droid device), I am appalled at how bad the phone maker's are ruining that experience.

    2) For coverage, if you're way out of the CBD, the best handset seems to be HTC One XL (AU Version). It's interface (HTC's Sense UI) feels very laggy to me, and definitely NOT like what it should be (based on the Nexus 7 'feel'). They too screw with Android too much and just makes things worse. Feature-wise I think the SIII is a better handset... but there's not a lot in it really.

    3) The Nexus 4. I badly want to get one of these to try it out - but they are almost impossible to get here. I hear reports that the camera sucks, battery-life is sub-optimal, etc. But I need to see that first hand. After all, apparently Apple stuff "just works", yet my experience with six different handsets (two of each of the ones mentioned above) says otherwise. So.. until proven differently, I will assume LG pulled out a winner like the Nexus 7 device I own.

    4) The sexiest phone, for me, is the new Nokia Lumia 920. I want that handset badly, and as a Windows 8 user, should find it works fine for me. Unfortunately, I don't own an Xbox, and don't really use social networking sites (nor really contact that many people). As such the "People" hub and social integration features (not to mention Xbox Live tie-ins) are a complete waste. Sexy phone... but mostly filled with unwanted stuff.

    ... and that's about it really. Apparently there's a Samsung Ativ W8 Phone, and there is the HTX 8X (of course), but they're not as good as the Nokia at this stage - and proximity to Microsoft might have something to do with it.

    In all cases, I find the app selection to be adequate. I mean, iOS has recently (and massively) downgraded it's number of apps it reports - because it was found they have THOUSANDS of the same app (i.e. flashlight) and almost 40% of apps never having been downloaded at all... not even once. Android, then, has the most apps to offer - except I'm not really into the poor design of at lot of the apps (often WAAAAAY inferior to the iOS versions). And for WP8, the store has probably about 75% of the apps I want/need already - and that's awesome for a new platform to achieve this early... but with companies like Google openly going "meh" at the platform, it's going to hurt for a while (finding that remaining 25%).

    Oh... I can't decide :(
  • Problem loading podcast

    I also am experiencing problem loading the podcast, I tried looking it up on podbean to no avail. would be nice to have a download option, this sounded like an interesting discussion that I would have liked to listen to.

    Have a nice day.