Pogo adaptor ensures no more broken plugs

Pogo adaptor ensures no more broken plugs

Summary: A cool concept design, Pogo means that your audio connectors will never break -- even if you drop your device.


If you regularly break your headphones from cord snags or dropping your device, the new Pogo ‘breakaway cable adaptor’ could one day be the answer you have been looking for.

Credit: JP Design

New York based graphic designer Jon Patterson believes that a strong concept can take any form. He focuses on developing concepts strong enough to work across-platforms. Patterson’s design work ranges from graphic design to product design.

Previously a senior designer at NOOKA, Patterson has created his concept design for the Pogo -- a breakaway plug. The Pogo is a magnetic breakaway cable adaptor that you can use on all your headphone devices. You plug the headphone jack into your pogo and insert into the device.

Credit: JP Design

If the cord is pulled the Pogo will break free. Use the magnets to plug the Pogo back into your device to resume playback.

The two piece adaptor is connected with four magnetic pins which will hold the device but break upon force.

It can be used as a straight input or at a 90 degree angle which allows rotation of the cord. Have a look at the video showing how Pogo works.

It uses a neodymium magnet and 4 "pogo" pins allowing a strong connection to be made between the two pieces, passing the signal through.

The end result is a product that could be universally useful, and innovates a technology that hasn't changed much since its inception in the 1960's.

Unfortunately patent issues mean that the product is not yet available in production. It would, however be a very cool addition to your device and cable issues when -- and if -- it ever gets to market.

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  • Great idea but it is not a wildfire product

    I love the idea. I am shocked that the other PC mfgs have not put those on the power port like MBP and MBA.
    On the headphone idea, not really too sure. How many times have I dropped a device only to save it by the headphone jack holding tight? More than a few! If this concept been around since the '60s then a wildfire product it is not. Patent issues and cost might be the thing keeping it from being used on many things. Not to mention mixing magnets and data is a sin with no retrobution.
  • I concur - this seems backwards

    If you have a phone drop, 100 out of 100 people will say that they'd prefer to re-purchase a $30 pair of Earpods than to pay a $100 deductible for cracked screen damage. If headphones can break the fall of a phone, it's a VERY small price to pay.

    • I think it's the other way around...

      I listen to music at work and watch movies on my Pro while walking on the treadmill. I have countless time started to walk away with my headphone in and almost pulled the laptop off my desk or pulled the pro down as I was walking. I would have rather they just snapped off then to damage my laptop / pro.
      I think it depends on what your needs are - in your case - it makes sense to NOT buy the duhig...but for me - I would love it.
      • Bluetooth headsets

        I invested on a pair of those so I can listen to my music on my Samsung Galaxy S3 wirelessly. You should too!
  • If they can do that for XLR and quarter inch jacks

    They'll certainly have a wildfire product in the audio industry!
    • That is assuming the connection doesn't degrade the quality of the sound

      ... and if the pictures show the actual product, degradation of the the sound signal is not only expected, is pretty much guaranteed by the not so tight connection.
    • Not among professionals.

      A secure connection is paramount in the professional audio world. The XLR has been the standard for a reason: It locks.
  • patent issues mean that the product is not yet available...

    Sweet! And tell me how these patents help again?
    • They help the people who benefit and

      Love the magnetic power adapters in Apple's products.