Policing holiday light violations revisited

Policing holiday light violations revisited

Summary: We always appreciate a nice display, and have come to think of ourselves as connoisseurs and critics of the very best (and worst) in holiday light entertainment.

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  • Santa's been run over by a reindeer...

    This house is just pathetic. Santa's been knocked over by the wind and looks like he's passed out from drinking too much eggnog. The blinking light display is out of sequence and has parts burned out.

  • Obnoxious neon

    gain, sloppy strandwork, and to add insult to injury, the obnoxious neon blue lights over the garage which makes the whole thing look asymmetrical.

  • Shrub a dud

    Another case in which sloppy strandwork on the shrubbery sets the whole concept off, which was otherwise executed semi-decently. The vertical lights to the left of the door is a ladder with toys climbing up it. Might have been nice to shine a spotlight on that feature to have it visible at night.

Topic: After Hours


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  • Blue?

    Well I'll have a blue Christmas without you -- and that's a good thing.

  • judgemental ...

    ... having or displaying an overly critical point of view (Oxford Dictionary)
  • Just great a nosy piece of humanity

    Just great a nosy piece of humanity how happen to occupy the same space adjacent to property of owner.

    It bad enough to deal with HOA tyrants, busybodies and such. If one does not like my cheesy look one is free not to look, but out, and get the mess off my property.

    By the way how did ZDNet let you get away with this non tech dribble? Somebody need some work counseling or fired.
  • You should add more commendations

    and unless the display is totally horrendous, give each display a commendation or two with the bad stuff. Improvement is the key, so that next year they can create an eye-pleasing display.
  • What a tool....and not the "citation"

    Perlow, you are such a judgmental a$$hat.

    Sure, come by my house and tell me that my lights don't meet your criteria and you will get drenched in ice water for your un-lovely efforts to look down on people. That will be followed by a critique of your lack of exercise and questionable choices of clothing...plaid shirts?!?! wow really?
  • I decided I don't like this practice of yours.

    Actually, Blue (or purple) is an acceptable color. As somebody who is largely into secular stuff, you probably are not aware of this, but inside many churches, the color is actually more symbolic of the season.

    At our church, which is Christian and not Jewish - we had blue up as the liturgical color. Purple is also commonly used as the primary color for Advent.

    So no - you don't have to be Jewish to use blue.

    Also, mixing Christian and secular Iconography is pretty common. They're both representations of Christmas, and I don't have a problem with it. Seems to me you're just being snobbish over details.

    In any case - I've decided I don't like this practice of yours. Some of the "violations" are rather snobbish, and bordering on judgmental. Sure, we all hate a lousy and unsafe displays, but do be aware that the red/green color combination is a largely secular thing.