Poll: Can the Q10 and its keyboard win back users for BlackBerry?

Poll: Can the Q10 and its keyboard win back users for BlackBerry?

Summary: We'd like to know if the new BlackBerry Q10 is going to be enough to win back former BlackBerry users from Android and iPhone and retain BlackBerry's long-suffering loyalists.

TOPICS: Mobility, BlackBerry
BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins will deliver the keynote at BlackBerry Live on Tuesday. | Image: Sarah Tew/CNET

BlackBerry still faces a mountain of challenges, but what a difference a year makes. This time last year, BlackBerry had little to show at its annual event and enthusiasm for the brand and the platform were at an all-time low. This year's BlackBerry Live 2013 in Orlando is headlined by the arrival of the Q10, a device that combines BlackBerry's traditional hardware keyboard with the modern BlackBerry 10 software.

While there could be other announcements at BlackBerry Live—possibly a new lower-cost BlackBerry 10 device—the Q10 is likely to be the star of the show. It appeals to the die-hard BlackBerry fans who still covet a real keyboard for its messaging speed and accuracy, and there are early indications that the Q10 is selling well.

For those former BlackBerry lovers who have jumped to iPhone or Android, we'd like to know if the Q10 is tempting to switch back. And for those current BlackBerry users, we'd like to know if the Q10 is enough to keep you around. As a result, we have a set of two polls that cover those questions over on TechRepublic. Please answer the one that bet fits your situation. Click the link below to take the quick poll.

Take the Q10 poll on TechRepublic.

I will be at BlackBerry Live in Orlando this week with the latest updates, including the news from the keynote on Tuesday morning at 9:00am Eastern. I will also be covering SAP Sapphire, just up the road. For live updates, you can also follow my Twitter or Google+ stream. 

Topics: Mobility, BlackBerry

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  • Short answer


    Blackberry needs more full touch devices mainly (one is too short). And they need a flagship model too, with a great design (like HTC have made per ex.).
  • Short answer


    Blackberry needs more full touch devices mainly (one is too short). And they need a flagship model too, with a great design (like HTC have made per ex.).
    • yes

      Moved to Samsung gs3 last June. Jack of all trades master of none. Missed the more business focused BlackBerry. Will get q 10 for sure and complement it with a nexus 7 mini tab.
      • out of curiosity

        what specifically did you miss on blackberry?
  • Excitement fades with Q10

    The real excitement was when Blackberry announced the launch of the Z10. For once, Blackberry was taking a leap forward in the design of their phone and this made me marvel and the thought that Blackberry could not only join the ranks of Apple and Samsung, but even surpass them once again. However, the Q10 just goes to show that Blackberry isn't ready to advance into the new era of expectations.
    • And some prefer a physical keyboard.

      So Blackberry is catering to loyal customers. Unlike some companies, that say "It's our way, or the highway". Blackberry's phones are also better built than the cheap (Made in India) crap, Nokia has been putting out lately.
      Troll Hunter J
  • iphone user since 2007

    Diehard iphone user, didn't go for the 5 cause my 4s works fine. But tired of the poor battery, the static app screens, the closed hardware, just tired of apple in a way.

    Been l looking at blackberry with qwerty for some time, but system 7 wasn't enough of course to take the step. With the Q10 for sure! Can't wait to get one this week.
  • I'm wiling to bet.

    That BB will pass WP 8 with in 6 months. I've already seen someone with a Z 10, and still aven't seen a lumia 920 in the wild. I've seen Samsung, Motorola, LGE, iPhones, and Blackberries, but no Windows phone phones.
    Troll Hunter J
  • I will be back, ON DAY1

    I used a Blackberry for 12 years before going to an Andorid for a few months, and then an iPhone for the last 2 years. When the keyboard version of the Blackberry comes out in the USA on Verizon, I will be back on Day 1, no doubt. Why?

    The older I get the more I miss an actual keyboard. Additionally, apps are great but truth be told, 99% of the time I use email, phone, contacts, calendar, sms, twitter and facebook. If I need more I can use my iPad.
  • As I have seen some people really want a physical keyboard

    And there only real choice if they want a high-end smartphone is Q10.

    All blackberry needs in the short term is to stop the bleed-off of blackberry fans. Next they need to start winning Android and iPhone fans. BTW my kids (who are fairly familiar with both android and iphones ) think my phone is easier to navigate.

    BB does need a truly flagship phone one that can compete at the ultra-high end (currently S4 and HTC one) hardware wise.

    They need to make it easier to run existing android apps. Native Blackberry is always preferred but if it can be said that BB10 can 90% of android apps, well, one argument against is down. 10.2 is supposed to have jelly bean support but it would be nice not to have to side-load them or at least make side-loading super easy and from various app-stores.