Portable tech on show at CeBIT

Portable tech on show at CeBIT

Summary: New hardware on show at CeBIT this year includes a Windows version of a low-power laptop and a notebook designed for airtravel

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  • The Flybook VM is, according to manufacturer Dialogue Technology Corp, the first laptop designed specifically for using on a plane.

    Dialogue chief executive Roland Pinto said the company designed the screen's hinge to allow the whole display to move forward when the person in front tips their seat back. The slender of wrist can type with their hands below the screen, he explained.

  • Asus is showing a version of the standard Eee PC running Microsoft Windows XP. The system has the same hardware as the 4GB models currently on sale. Asus representatives on the stand were unable to say what the Windows version costs.

    Elsewhere at the show, Asus is announcing a new Eee PC with revamped hardware, including an 8.9-inch screen.

  • MyStor's solid state hard drives have a 32GB capacity and are available in IDE or SCSI format for €400 (£300) Euros and €500 euros respectively

Topic: Emerging Tech

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