Predicting doom for Facebook

Predicting doom for Facebook

Summary: Is anyone else getting the feeling in the back of their mind that Facebook has peaked? Time for a doom prediction.


Is anyone else getting the feeling in the back of their mind that Facebook has peaked? Time for a doom prediction.

Facebook has been the social network of choice for millions of people for some time now and has recently been fending off attacks from smaller social networks like Twitter and Google+. You may have heard of them.

So far it's done a bang-up job of ensuring it's the number one destination for people to congregate online and share pictures of cats, but countless awful site redesigns and many different privacy snafus have cheapened the once sacred social network.

Take the most recent site redesign, for example, overhauling the news feed again, plastering a live feed to the right-hand side of a screen complete with an obnoxious chat box. And don't get me started on the recent integration of messages into a chat-style interface.

I know I'm complaining about a service that's free to use, but with the latest overhaul it's taken away the reason I use Facebook. Personal space.

I use Facebook to keep in touch with a core group of friends. A handful or so. The rest of the people I have on Facebook, I keep there so I can maintain acquaintance-style contact with them. Sorry if you're reading this.

It seems that if I want peace now from the banalities of my acquaintances, I have to go to Google+ for some alone time.

Mark Zuckerberg has not only taken privacy off of the users on his social network, he's now taken away personal space, too.


Watch the video for a look at some real-life space invaders.

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  • I can take Facebook or leave it. I use it more as a kind of news aggregator, "friending" people/organisations with whom I share interests. They, in turn, often provide links to items of interest elsewhere. Being a solitary sort of person means I don't have heaps of "friends", and tend to conduct familial/friend communications via Skype or IM.
  • Facebook's like jail, you sit around and waste time, write on walls, don't get fed and get poked by people you don't know......

    But worse is the amount of people who don't set visit their privacy settings and update it (Which is a minefield... IMHO) to allow "friends" only or "only me" to view what anyone would see when they get a link and a picture to click on (in the right hand feed or elsewhere) that allows someone anywhere on the planet to access your wall, photos, subscribe, message you, friend you etc etc...
    Especially if you are young, female and "hott" as one girl I know whose photo was commented on by a complete stranger was shocked to discover???

    OMG FaceBook? It's turning into StalkerBook!!!