Premiere Pro CS6

Premiere Pro CS6

Summary: Premiere Pro CS6 offers a streamlined user interface, an enhanced Mercury Playback Engine with improved GPU acceleration, a host of workflow-improving tweaks and supports Blu-ray and DVD authoring via Encore.

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  • Effect Controls
    The Effect Controls tab selected from the source monitor panel. Effects are now easily applied to clips selected on the timeline by just double-clicking on a selected effect — it's no longer necessary to drag and drop the required effect onto a clip.

  • Trim Monitor
    There are a number of new trimming modes available, including the Trim Monitor, which displays both the outgoing and incoming frames of a trim and allows fine control of the the trim points.

  • Color Correction
    The three-way colour correction effect has been redesigned to make it easier to apply precise colour control even while footage is played back. Selecting Window / Workspace / Color Correction, switching to the Effects tab in the left-hand panel and selecting Color Correction / Three-way Color Corrector, with a clip selected, applies the effect. Switching back to the Effect Controls tab then displays the colour controls.

Topics: Apps, Reviews, Software

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