Presenting, the world's longest wind turbine blade

Presenting, the world's longest wind turbine blade

Summary: Boasting a total rotor diameter of about 505 feet, 300 of the new Siemens turbines are intended for massive wind farms off the British coast.

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Siemens has signed a long-term agreement with wind developer DONG Energy to produce 300 of its latest offshore wind turbines, which use B75 Quantum Blades that are about 246 feet long. The total rotor diameter is about 505 feet across.

I'm trying to come up with a mental image for this beast and I'm having a really hard time. It certainly would tower over my neighborhood. The companies say that the "swept" area is equivalent to the size of two and a half soccer fields.

Eventually, the turbines are intended for wind farms being built off the coast of the United Kingdom between 2014 and 2017 that will produce up to 1,800 megawatts of wind capacity. The unit in the photo above will be used for a second 6-megawatt prototype at a test station off the coast of Denmark.

The B75 Quantum Blade was designed to work better across a range of different wind speeds. The reason that it can be so big is because the technology is extremely light; if the turbine was built using traditional methods it would be 10 percent to 20 percent heavier, according to Siemens.

"The agreement will enable DONG Energy to install a significantly larger and more efficient wind turbine from 2014 compared to what we know today," said Carsten Krogsgaard Thomsen, acting CEO for the wind company. 

Siemens and DONG Energy were actually the collaborators for the first offshore wind power plant in the world, built in 1991 in Denmark. The two have partnered on 13 projects since that date, covering 930 turbines.


Topic: Emerging Tech

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  • move it?

    How do you transport a 246 ft long blade? Not by road. Not by rail. Helicopter? Ship?
  • That's pretty cool

    These sorts of wind turbines can easily become the future equivalent of Dutch windmills -- things that are looked at fondly now mostly for their addition to the landscape despite them having serious purpose behind their origins.
  • Enough to power 10 Deloreans

    Doc would be proud
  • 1,800 Megawatts = 1.8 Gigawatts

    Tsk. Tsk.
  • Can't wait

    Wonder when all the green-weenies will realize that this simple conversion of power can and will change the envionment, and in some cases badly like creating deserts where there were none.

    +1 vote for nuclear power
    • curious

      how will wind turbines change the environment?
    • You do know

      that in this country we are also building the first nuclear reactors in decades, right?
    • Nuclear?

      At lest these blades won't glow in the dark...
  • They need to glow!

    With blades that large they will need to put some form of aircraft warning lights at the blade tips and/or the entire length to warn smaller aircraft as well as migrating birds. Look at how many are already being killed by the existing turbines.