President Obama forgets to renew SSL certificate

President Obama forgets to renew SSL certificate

Summary: One of the SSL certificates used on, the President's political campaign web site, has expired. Your browser will warn you not to visit the site now.


Hat tip to Netcraft for reporting that an SSL certificate for and * has expired. is the political campaign web site for the President. Currently it is registered to and used by Organizing For Action, a non-profit organization that promotes the President's agenda.

The certificate was issued by GoDaddy in September 2012 for one year. As the error message below indicates, best practices state that sites with expired certificates are not generally trustworthy.


The expired certificate was issued for and as a wildcard for *, but it's not the only certificate on the site. A Comodo certificate for will expire at the end of October, 2013.

Netcraft also points out that several government certificates have expired, for example, and with the government shutdown they may stay expired for some time. Other sites are worse off: now redirects to

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  • that's the least concern!

    the real danger is that site promotes anti American values and brainwashes the unsuspecting youth with promises of handouts.
    Don't go there!
    Instead visit some reputable conservative sites.
    LlNUX Geek
    • re: that's the least concern!

      So true. Everyone knows that government handouts are for corporations and billionaires. What is he trying to do fercryinoutloud?
      none none
  • Hmmm...

    It's almost like he and his people were distracted by something, like, say, evil people trying to shut down our country....
    • Being it's part of his plan

      In an effort to rid the country of true representation, he's trying to rid the country of Congress, and Appoint himself as the defacto ruler (king). You know, the way it is, in other Muslim Countries.
      I hate trolls also
    • All he had to do to avoid the shutdown was extend the individual mandate

      by one year, and eliminate the special subsidy congress gets when they sign up. So, want to tell us again who the evil ones are?
      • re: All he had to do...

        Wrong. All the president has to do - all he can do - is sign or not sign the legislation that reaches his desk. Oh wait, the congress didn't pass any legislation. Yep, blame this on Obama. Just like everything else.

        BTW Obamacare was passed by both houses of congress, signed by the president and approved by the supreme court. Oh yeah, it survived a presidential election wherein the candidate who promised repealing Obamacare would be "Job One" was defeated. Handily.

        I read somewhere today someone saying that if the Republicans were the NY Giants, they'd threaten to shut down the NFL unless they were retroactively spotted 25 point to win last weekend's game.
        none none
        • Democrats want the shutdown

          Democrats desperately want this shutdown. That's why they put up blockades around monuments, to make the shutdown seem as painful as possible.

          Sorry, but the 2012 election was not a referendum on Obamacare. Romney did not offer a compelling alternative to either Obamacare or anything else. They got it through Congress using reconciliation, which they should never have been allowed to do, but they did not have the 60 votes. They also bought off Blanche Lincoln. They got it through the Supreme Court in a 5-4 vote after John Roberts decided to shred the Constitution, by arguing that Obamacare was a tax, after claiming in its passage that it was not a tax. They will lie, cheat and steal to take complete control over the lives of US citizens.

          Using the continuing resolution process to stop Obamacare is no less appropriate than using reconciliation to enact it. If Harry Reid would pass a budget, there wouldn't be a continuing resolution process. But Harry Reid is an incompetent, power-lusting boob.
      • Uhhh....

        Republicans have been acting the way some Arabs act towards Israel: "We will drive you into the sea! But first we want to renegotiate our borders."
    • Democrats are not evil people

      they are just pig headed, and see no reason why the average government worker should get paid while those in Congress continue to get paid.

      Why negotiate with the Republicans, when the lowly should happily suffer for the Democrat's cause?
      John Zern
  • Since he's not expected to run again... surprising is this?

    Ex-presidents can run for other offices but the last to try it was Andrew Johnson in 1874.
    John L. Ries
    • Cool trivium

      I hadn't thought about that John. The most famous example is, of course, John Quincy Adams, who served many years in the House of Representatives after his presidency. Adams was meticulous and would never let a certificate expire.
      Larry Seltzer
  • Almost unheard of...

    I checked and the last president to fail to renew the SSL cert on his campaign website was William McKinley in 1901.
    • Jeez, what was his excuse?

      Larry Seltzer
      • He was assassinated.

  • Big deal

    I remember when Microsoft forgot to renew its domain. Anyone remember passport? LOL!
    none none
    • Passport lives on

      Currently it's, a.k.a. your Microsoft account. True story, it's the same thing.
      Larry Seltzer
  • Superfluous

    My browser has always warned me to avoid It warns me anytime I visit a web site that is completely devoid of intelligence.
  • Even IE

    Which proves even IE is smarter that a lot of voters....