Presidential election campaign memes and satire

Presidential election campaign memes and satire

Summary: In a light-hearted look at the 2012 presidential campaign, Obama and Romney have become the target of many a meme and satirical video.

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  • In what was no doubt the pullquote of the second presidential debate, it didn't take long for Mitt Romney's "binders full of women" statement to hit the meme circuit.

    The candidate told the town hall crowd of undecided voters that when he was selecting his cabinet as Governor of Massachusetts, he didn't get enough candidates who were women to apply for the job.

    So, he reached out to advisors, who then brought him "binders full of women" for Romney to make a few selections. 

    The famous quote now has its own Tumblr page and Twitter account

  • In reference to Romney's comment that "47 percent of Americans believe they are victims, and will vote for this president no matter what," this meme -- depicting President Obama drinking a beer -- quickly flooded the Internet.

    A number of similar memes commenting on Romney's public gaffes are floating across the web -- including one where Obama cancels all his election broadcasts in order to replace them with live footage of Mitt Romney.

  • It didn't take long before Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryans became the butt of Internet jokes. 

    Tapped as a running companion with Mitt Romney, Ryans appears to have captured a fair portion of the female demographic due to his looks -- tumblr shrines notwithstanding. 

    He may not be Ridiculously Photogenic Guy,  but if you search on Google, the second most sought-after term is 'shirtless'.


Topic: Government US

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  • Binders Full of Women

    While the quote may sound funny, it seemed an honest, off the cuff remark to me, but I think people are missing the real point. When his staff brought him no women applicants, or no women applied, Mitt Romney went out of his way to find qualified women for his cabinet, and hired them.

    (btw, I've never been a Romney supporter; the truth is the truth)
    • Romney didn't look for women applicants

      Time to catch up. Romney didn't order up a binder full of women.

      "What actually happened was that in 2002 -- prior to the election, not even knowing yet whether it would be a Republican or Democratic administration -- a bipartisan group of women in Massachusetts formed MassGAP to address the problem of few women in senior leadership positions in state government. There were more than 40 organizations involved with the Massachusetts Women's Political Caucus (also bipartisan) as the lead sponsor.

      "They did the research and put together the binder full of women qualified for all the different cabinet positions, agency heads, and authorities and commissions. They presented this binder to Governor Romney when he was elected."

      You can read the link to find out how it all turned out. Hint: percentage of senior-level appointed positions held by women actually declined throughout the Romney administration.
      big red one
  • Vote Baby!

    Don't forget to vote all. And in those states without a voter ID law, make sure to vote early and OFTEN. This is necessary to overcome the RACIST haters of the poor, elderly, minorities, and children. We need Obama to deliver on his promise to fun-duh-mentally change the country, to get beyond that embarrassing relic of a document that is the Constitution. Once past the dark ages, we can truly be a progressive and modern society.
    • Really HackerJ?

      Vote often if you are in a state without voter id laws?

      Most voter ID laws have one goal and that is to suppress the votes of the poor... If you don't like democracy, perhaps you should move to a different country where they don't have it.
      • If he lives in the US

        ... he has no need to move. In fact, there are no true democracies any where in the world - they're all just UN puppet governments. Of course, even the poor old UN is nothing more than a flimsy, grubby veneer for the Bilderbergers and "friends".
      • Realy, i8? Are you that dense? Oh, wait, we already know the answer...

        since, you're the one with the most clueless posts in all of ZDNet/TR.

        Fact is that, voter ID laws are needed to prevent all voter fraud, and the democrats know quite well that, without those laws, they stand a much better chance at "winning" a lot of elections.

        Most states that seek to install voter ID laws are even trying to make it so simple for anybody to register, that, even you would find it quite easy. In fact, some states even offer to go to people's homes to help them get registered, but, NO!, the democrats won't even allow that. I'll give you one guess for why the democrats refuse to get everybody to register for voting. Oh, what the heck. Since I know you won't be able to come up with the right answer, I'll give it to you. And, the answer is that, the democrats are quite adept at using voter fraud to win elections, and without ID voter laws, they will have a much easier time at committing that voter fraud. It's their way to "win" elections.
    • Vote Early (no problem) "vote often"????????

      So theft of of an election has become acceptable liberal policy? Why not? The dead vote, the bums get free cigarettes, free phones, and other freebees. The true rarity is the INTELLIGENT VOTE and unfortunately that has garnered you the government, the racism, the riots, the deficit, the lack of jobs, and the healthcare program which will hurt many lower income, full time workers than it will help (read about Darden industries and health care benefits) and any other bad that you all deserve. Seriously think before you vote and be honest VOTE ONLY ONCE !!
  • PBS

    why not cut PBS funding? The owners make more money than the government give them. If the funding was cut... you know what would happen to PBS? Nothing... the billionaires would have to spend some of their own money instead of tax money on it.
    • You just lost all credibility.

      PBS is not privately owned. Centrally, it's a NFP organization; the OTA broadcasters are all independently owned or managed by either local organizations or educational institutions.
      • doh123's credibilty is intact, and PBS can do quite well without public

        or government funding, since, a lot of their programming is created independently, like Big Bird's "shows", and, there is also subsidies that they get from private organizations, which are more than adequate to keep PBS running.

        However, even if funding wasn't adequate, and PBS couldn't survive, then, they should be allowed to go out of business. There should be not public funding for programming that the people, meaning, all Americans didn't vote for. PBS is also a media company, and, it's a liberal organization, which most Americans are not. So, take away their funding, and it they can't make it, ADIOS! and good riddance!.
  • Obama and Romney have become the target?

    The "targeting" appears to be rather one-sided. Why am I not surprised?
    • Funny...

      What? You were expecting a dancing Obama in his national garb, dancing around with an oversized legitimate birth record in one hand and free (federally funded) meds being thrown to gawkers in the other?
      • A real birth certificate, verifiable, would have been enough for me...

        but, since that doesn't exist anywhere, and Obama can't even create a good fake, then, having him dance in his native garb from Kenya or Indonesia, would have been a good alternative.
  • PBS Funding?

    As a PBS/NPR member (actually I have not pledged to a TV station in the last few years, but pledge regularly to the companion radio stations), I am nowhere near a millionaire. I have heard enough pledge drives on both to know that BILLIONAIRES give far less money collectively to support PBS/NPR than to put lying right wing Super PAC ads on the air at election time (really, would Sheldon Adelson spend a million dollars to elect Romney if it were not for the estimated 10 to 13 million in tax breaks Romney would give him but Obama would not?), while the bulk of public radio/TV support comes from small to medium pledge donors (and I am on the small end personally). Fortunately, federal funding has already been cut so much that private donors would probably be able to make up most of it, with some degradation in quality.

    Would President Romney, after cutting federal funding, donate enough personally (which he could afford, since the federal funding is so small) to make it up? Probably not, since even though he SAYS "I like you, Jim, and Big Bird too" he has no personal connection to any public broadcast program. PBS programs help kids whose parents cannot afford cable or computers to have at least some preparation for school; part of the 47 percent, Romney and the GOP have no sympathy for them. PBS and NPR give in-depth news, which exposes lies and misstatements of both parties; since the GOP has been relying more on misstatements than the Democrats recently, they would be happy for all the NPR stations to shut down and be bought by Clear Channel to put Rush and his Klan buddies on more car radios.

    If you liked "The Hunger Games" vote for Romney and PLAY THEM FOR REAL!
    • Same stupid retort

      You just made one of the dumbest and most Blayne lie. I don't know how you can read your own statement and not think your a dumba$$.
      • You need a little Sesame Street

        Since it's obvious from your typing that you didn't get past the third grade.
        big red one
    • RE: PBS Funding?

      Of course you realize that PBS isn't really in danger. They have a trust that funds a LOT of their operational costs. Yes, they have pledge drives. My wife and I have personally donated thousands to PBS. But I don't think the government should be in the television business. PBS should stand on its own or go down; that's why I donate - to help it stand on its own. And for the record, I'm a conservative.
    • That's one of the most inane set of comments I've read in years....

      Obama used the $837 billion stimulus to reward his supporters and friends, and while he had to spend some dough to pretend that, there actually were "shovel-ready" projects out there, most of that money was also sent to his friends and supporters and party loyalists.

      Get a brain, and get some knowledge, and try thinking for a change, and then come back with something that has some real facts and something worthy of other people reading.
  • Binders of Women

    The point being made, aside from the humorous implications of the phrase "binders full of women" (that's just Romneyspeak, like "on the aircraft"), although he made an effort, obviously for political purposes to please a liberal MA electorate, to hire more women, his GENERAL POLICIES are against the economic AND medical interests of most women AND the men in their lives who care about them. And the current Tea Party GOP is even more extreme (remember Governor Ultrasound in VA?) and a President Romney would be so beholden to them that he would NOT be an independent executive. Grover Norquist told a conservative group, with news cameras rolling, that the Tea Party does not want an independent thinker in the White House, they want a warm body capable of holding a pen to sign WHATEVER they put in front of him. And the way Romney has flip-flopped on his positions (or Etch-a-Sketched (TM) if you prefer) to get the radical right nomination and now to appeal to reasonable, moderate voters, that is exactly what he would do.

    If you are applying for a $400K/year job that lasts 4 years, and someone spends $1B+ to help you get the job, who will you obey, the "boss" (people) that pays you the $400K, or the people that gave you the billion?
    • Fact check everything

      Romney never ordered up a binder full of women. It was put together by a nonpartisan collaboration before the election, regardless of who got elected, and delivered to Romney after he won. Female appointments to senior positions actually declined during his administration.
      big red one