Pressin' all the right buttons

Pressin' all the right buttons

Summary: A brick-and-mortar cellular-phone distributor faces special challenges as it went ahead with plans to adopt e-commerce solutions. Two years later, during ePhone's first Christmas season, on-line sales boosted revenues US$300 000.

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Two years ago, wireless phone retailer Skyway Communications (doing business as ePhones) embarked on a bricks-to-clicks adventure. The company turned to XML infrastructure specialist OneSoft to help build an e-commerce system that boosted revenue by $300,000 during ePhone's first Christmas season. "Our overall business model is central to what we need in a Web site. OneSoft has shown the ability to come back and replicate our business requirements in software," says Steve Yeffa, Skyway's CFO.

After experimenting with a storefront on Yahoo in 1998, ePhones concluded that moving into e-commerce could be a lot more cost-effective than building more brick-and-mortar stores. The company also decided to start selling additional products like landline and DSL services.


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