Price matters: Samsung slips past Apple in tablet customer satisfaction

Price matters: Samsung slips past Apple in tablet customer satisfaction

Summary: Samsung improved across all five factors J.D. Powers followed, but improved on cost for the win. The overall score: Samsung 835 on a 1,000 point scale to Apple's 833.


Samsung nudged out Apple in customer satisfaction at least in part due to pricing, according to J.D. Power.

J.D. Power's latest tablet satisfaction rankings put Samsung at a total score of 835 to Apple's 833. Samsung improved across all five factors J.D. Powers followed, but improved on cost for the win. J.D. Powers last ranked tablets in April.

Samsung's margin of victory was so slim you could basically call it a tie, but the perception that Apple's iPad is more costly is notable. For larger screen sizes, Apple and Samsung tablets are roughly the same, but the Korean electronics giant also has more lower-priced entries like the 7-inch Galaxy Tab that'll cost you less than $200. 

Here's a look at the five factors:

jd power tablet rankings1
jd power tablet rankings2


Apple scored well on performance and ease of operations. Among the other key findings:

  • 59 percent of tablets owners buy a device in store and 41 percent go online.
  • Online satisfaction for a tablet purchase was 8.5 on a 10-point scale to 8.3 on a 10-point scale for store purchases.
  • Overall tablet satisfaction was 821.
  • Half of consumers rely on recommendations from friends, colleagues and family.

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  • Looking at the chart, you can basically sum it up as

    Samsung is a poor-performing, hard to use device with OK features, but, hey, it's cheap.
    • Perception is Everything

      3, 3, 4, 4, 4 averaged for overall should obviously come out as 5. Treat the details as the true answers, and the 5 as perception (incorrect, in this case).
      • your own rating system...

        well, the report says Samsung's score was 835 to Apple's 833, but nice try.
    • that's an odd observation...

      According to JD power's legend, Samsung is a average-performing, average-easy to use device with better than average features.

      nice Apple fanboy spin.. but *yawn*...
  • poling data must be wrong

    This cant be correct... our own surveys show we are clearly in the lead and if we're not than this just isn't important and is out weighed by something else (whatever that is) that shows we are the best.
    • who are "we"?

      Do you work for Apple / Apple's PR firms? LOL!
      • I think it was humor

        I don't think greywolf was being serious.
  • Couple of points...

    If you look at the breakout - Samsung jumped ahead almost entirely by virtue of being cheaper - which leads me to wonder how their scale is weighted. Samsung ranks *behind* Apple in almost every category except two: overall satisfaction (tied) and cost (ahead).

    The other point that has to be made is that the range of the top five companies is 14 points out of 1000. That's a 1.4% spread. When you re-calibrate for max actual rather than max possible - it only increases to 1.6% - which means this is a very narrow range of numbers.

    Even more surprising - the AVERAGE is 821 - same as Asus' score. That means the rest of the tablets have to fall roughly in the same range on the other side (otherwise the average couldn't be that high) which means the entire range - for the most part - is 807-836... 28 point - again, a very narrow range of numbers out of 1000.

    The really strange thing is that with the exception of Samsung, satisfaction correlates to the other parameters (except cost) while Samsung's customer satisfaction rating is kind of out of sync. I'm willing to say that Apple owners overrate the other parameters (a score of 5 for tablet features is a dead giveaway since any comparison of an iPad to ... well, almost any other tablet shows that it's behind in features - but this a huge problem with these kinds of studies - if your test subject knows nothing of the other choices - their ratings are entirely subjective and unrelated to anyone else's scores), but it's equally clear that Samsung owners are overrating their satisfaction (or are easily satisfied) because their responses to the other parameters don't match up. Simply put: they *shouldn't* be that satisfied.
    • Actually, Werewolf..

      the score of 5 for features, and everything else for that matter, is based on how much the user enjoys the features they have. It has nothing to do with comparing the features to other products.
      • The thing is

        How would a nexus user rate an iPad?
        These studies are interesting but conclusions are not always straight forward.
        About apple being in front in more aspects except the price: all others sell tablets that are half of the price of an iPad, expecting the same build, performance, reliability, ... it's just silly.
  • Title is misleading

    Samsung slips past Apple means that Samsung follows Apple in the list. Or am I reading it wrong?
    • Misuse

      of the language. It seems to be common among modern "journalism", like 2mm thin. When I learnt English at school, there was no such thing as 2mm thin, it has to be 2mm thick; it can be 2mm thinner, but that is something else.

      It is pure marketing speak.
  • Poor babies!

    It's ok, if your Apple product does everything you need it to do, who cares about a satisfaction survey? I don't buy or use anything based on others satisfaction or not. I base it on what I LIKE!
  • Oh yeah, J. D. Power lost credibility today..

    J. D. Power also rated the Pontiac Aztec as 'best in class', and least $$ for junk. Ok, we had our laugh Mr. Power, but this is Halloween, not April Fools Day.
  • Oh oh....

    Here comes an onslaught of fanbois and fangurls ready to take up arms against the JD Power oppressors! :-)
    Seriously, not surprised Acer is scraping at the bottom of the barrel. Pure crap.
  • On par with

    Samsung performance benchmarks. Anyway it merely shows that Samsung buyers put a high value on low price, which is fine by me.
  • Strange...

    Apple is ranked higher in every category except cost and according to the web site cost is given the least significance of all the categories.

    "The study measures satisfaction across five key factors (in order of importance): performance (26%); ease of operation (22%); styling and design (19%); features (17%); and cost (16%)."
  • Odd

    How does Apple get 5 stars for 4 out of 5 categories, Samsung no 5 star in any category and still come out ahead?

    What is cost weighed? 70%?
    • as the saying goes

      The one who pays, orders the music.
  • Samsung is moving forward

    My experience with my Note 2 is leading me to ditch my Ipad for the 10.1 2014. The stylus is what I've wanted on a tablet for a long time. The handwriting recognition works great and I'm left handed and a poor writer. It is a solid product and thankfully 2 nights ago survived a drop to the concrete with no case. I find myself running to my Ipad less and less, and I can't find one app that I would want that isn't Android Tablet ready.