Prices for HTC Windows Phone 8 X leak out on Three

Prices for HTC Windows Phone 8 X leak out on Three

Summary: HTC's flagship Windows Phone 8 handset, its first for the UK, looks like it will cost less than £30 on some two-year contracts with the British operator.


Pricing details for HTC's flagship Windows Phone 8 X handset on the Three network have leaked in the UK, revealing that the device will be available from just £29 up front, on qualifying contracts.


According to GSMArena's "anonymous source at Three UK", the device will be offered on a range of contracts including the 'Essential Internet' options and Three's unlimited data 'One Plan', with up-front costs starting from £29 on a £30 per month two-year deal.

The Windows Phone 8 X also looks like it will be available on pay-as-you-go for £350, when taken with a £10 top-up.

The release date for the handset has not yet been revealed by Three or HTC, but Amazon UK gives it as 8 November. The GSMArena report states a release date one week later, on 15 November, but does not cite a source for this.

Three told ZDNet on Friday that it does not have any information to share, aside from confirming it will offer the phone.

The Windows Phone 8 X will arrive with a 4.3-inch display, 1.5GHz dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM. It also has 16GB of internal storage, although there is no support for microSD expansion. It's comparable to Nokia's second-string Lumia 820, as it has the same size screen, the same kind of processor, and the same RAM. Also, the Lumia 820 has less storage (8GB) but supports microSD, unlike the HTC handset.

Details on how much the slightly lower-specced Windows Phone 8S by HTC will cost were not available at the time of writing.

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  • Grr!

    There's a Microsoft Store nearby my workplace, and I'm really just waiting on them to get both Windows Phone 8 devices, and this specific one, so I can check it out already!
  • Want the Lumia 920

    I'm p1$$3d about the Nokia/ATT exclusive on the 920. That's the phone I wanted, not this. I'm locked into Verizon, free account through work. I was ready to dump this iOS thing I've had, for WP8, but now I'm thinking I'll go back to Android with the S3.
    Really irritated about that news. I wanted to support the new Windows OS and give it a go, but not on a 2nd string phone. Whatever.
    • Basically in the same situation...

      I am probably going to wait it out and hope Verizon gets the 920 within 90 days... or I might go with the 820.
    • It was innevitable for the 920 to be on AT&T

      AT&T has told Nokia that it will provide a lot of marketing dollars to advertise the Lumia 920 and at the rate At&t advertised the Lumia 900, Nokia had to believe them. Besides, Nokia probably didn't even have a choice in going to At&t according to TheVerge.
      Free From Apple
  • Seems rather expensive

    My current HTC Mozart WP7 is only £25 per month with Orange. This needs to be similiar price if wanting to attract others to WP8.

    We need to see more mid range WP8, if it is ever going to compete with Android. The curent WP8 phones are too top end for most users. Especially at these high monthly rates.
  • Windows Phone 8 Looks Expensive

    The 8X will need to be priced lower than the nearest-equivalent Android-based One X model, if it wants the customers to take it seriously. Otherwise they'll just stick to Android. Why spend more on a platform which has already accumulated such a poor track record?