Printer shipments fall globally in Q2

Printer shipments fall globally in Q2

Summary: HP has the top market share in a dwindling pie for printers. Canon is No. 2.

TOPICS: Hardware, Printers

Printer manufacturers are scrapping for market share as unit shipments continued to fall in the second quarter, according to IDC. Aside from Wi-Fi enabled printers, unit volume was whacked.

Among the key points from IDC:

  • Inkjet printers accounted for 60 percent market share in a field of 20 million units or show. 
  • Printer shipments fell 12.7 percent for inkjets. That fall is the largest since the third quarter of 2009. Wireless inkjets show growth.
  • HP is the leader with 39.6 percent market share in the second quarter. Canon is second with 21.4 percent share.
  • Laser printers showed growth of 0.8 percent in the second quarter.
  • Color laser printers account for 16 percent of the category.

Topics: Hardware, Printers

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  • I'm letting my photography business crater...

    It was great to do 13x19 or huge banners for people, with prints lasting 100 years and longer with ease... but the new Epsons are very costly despite lasting 2 years out of minor~moderate use (rollers should not wear out or go "CLUNK" with the level of use I've put in, and I repair printers as part of my other jobs, something I no longer like doing because replacement parts take forever to arrive and even the genuine HP parts don't hold up the way they used to, which makes me think of their company far less as a result)...

    I had an HP when I first started and it died very quickly as well, despite getting less use than any of the Epsons... And it is cheaper to buy one's own equipment than to keep leasing someone else's gear... or used to be...

    More money for lesser quality hardware, and impossible to stay in business for other reasons despite some demand... if you can't afford the hardware, the hardware companies shouldn't whine when they go under as well... or they can whine as much as we the entrepreneurs and small businessmen out here are allowed to (in terms of being responded to with anything pragmatic...)

    Still, anyone not seeing the downward spiral of our new normal at this point... oh well! :D
    • Re: with prints lasting 100 years and longer with ease...

      I never understood why this was such a big deal. Remember, these aren't photos, they're printouts! If the printout gets lost, damaged or worn out, just print another one.
  • Use vs. Cost

    I have a decent Hp that is use at home for normal print/photo - pc, tablets, phones.
    I have a nice Samsung laser for work.

    I have been in the hunt for a new printer but have held off due to cost vs. quality vs. lifespan.

    Unless I go real high end, I'm just not finding l what I need in that "spot".
    Cost effective are junk or have outrageous ink costs. Lifespan ...... ugh.
    • Gimmeee du edit ------ argh!

      Both printers are over a year old but less than 2 years.
      The Hp is showing signs of degradation :(
      The Samsung just gets a lot of use :)
  • Roll On The Paperless Society!

    Long-predicted, looks like it may finally be approaching. Fewer printers sold can only mean fewer printouts printed, as people are moving more and more to reading things electronically.