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Palm m105

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    6.0 Good
  • $99.00
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  • Inexpensive
  • 8MB of memory.


  • Needs an accompanying mobile phone for optimal results.

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Palm has taken its consumer-orientated m100 and upgraded the memory to produce the m105. It has also thrown in some other features for good measure, including a HotSync cradle and connectivity software in the shape of Palm's Mobile Internet Kit. This allows you to use the m105 for email and Web browsing, given a compatible modem or mobile phone. The m105 costs £149 (ex. VAT), or £175 (inc. VAT).

The m105 is fitted with 8MB of memory, four times its predecessor's capacity. This increase in storage should be plenty to cope with large numbers of applications, or downloaded Web content.

There are no outward physical changes to the m105 over the m100 -- it uses the same compact case with flip cover. The cover has a small window through which you can see a clock readout by pressing the single exposed button. The front faceplate is removable in the manner of many mobile phones, and Palm has introduced 14 new colour faceplates to coincide with the launch of the m105. A coloured plate to replace the supplied black one will cost you between £13 and £17 (inc. VAT). The HotSync cradle, previously an optional extra, is supplied with the m105, but this is a serial cradle -- USB or Mac connections cost extra.

The Palm Mobile Internet Kit (MIK) that comes with the m105 includes an email client, SMS messaging and the AvantGo reader. Palm's own Web clipping application is provided as well, so you can access content sources besides those covered by AvantGo. MultiMail, the email package, can access POP3 or IMAP servers. Note that this application is different from the built-in Mail facility, which synchronises with a desktop-based email package. The Phone SMS application allows you to send and receive SMS messages on your Palm given a compatible mobile phone and any necessary connection cable. Even if you don't have a suitable mobile phone or modem, you can still access AvantGo content via your desktop PC.

You'll need to install the MIK applications you want to use separately, as they aren't installed on the m105 by default. Even with all of the MIK installed, you still have plenty of memory left to store information.

The m105 is a great low-cost handheld with some neat features for accessing Internet content on the move. To get the best out of these features you do need a mobile phone to accompany the handheld -- check Palm's Web site to see which ones are compatible. Even so, this is a neat and cost-effective way of taking content with you wherever you go.

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