Protecting your tech when out and about

Protecting your tech when out and about

Summary: If I don't go to great lengths to protect my gear then it's not going to last that long. And I'm not alone here. More and more people are taking delicate electronics in the form of smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and cameras, out into the elements and expecting them to work, day in, day out. Here's the kit to help you do this safely.

TOPICS: Hardware, Mobility

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  • Image: G-Form

    iPhone: G-Form Xtreme

    While I think that the iPhone is a thing of beauty, it's far too fragile to be allowed out naked into the world I inhabit.

    To give my iPhone a fighting chance, I've put mine into a G-Form Xtreme case. This is manufactured from Reactive Protection Technology, a material that stiffens on impact in order to absorb over 90 percent of the force. The case also adds significant grip to the otherwise slippery handset.

    So far, despite a number of close calls with gravity, my iPhone lives on!

    Link: G-Form

    Price: $39.99

  • Image: Nutshell

    iPhone: Nutshell leather case

    Since I usually have too much junk in my pockets to fit a phone, I carry my iPhone on a belt pouch. Not the sexiest of things, or so I'm told, but it means that I always have the phone with me, and the leather case adds a great deal of much needed extra protection.

    The leather case I chose is from Nutshell. This company makes cases for all sorts of devices. I've bought one for pretty much every smartphone I've owned for over a decade and they've never let me down.

    My case is oversized in order to fit the iPhone 5 inside the G-Form Xtreme case.

    Link: Nutshell

    Price: $70

  • Image: SKB

    Notebook: SKB 3I waterproof notebook case

    While for day-to-day usage I'm happy to throw my MacBook Pro into an old Targus case, if I'm taking it outdoors, I need something more robust. This is when I turn to my SKB 3I waterproof notebook case.

    SKB 3I is a mil-standard waterproof cases built from ultra high-strength polypropylene copolymer resin, and featuring a gasketed, water and dust tight, submersible design that is resistant to corrosion and impact damage.

    This case is designed to take notebooks up to 17-inch, and has space for other gear such as my iPhone, iPad, and my charger.

    Source: SKB

    Price: $199

Topics: Hardware, Mobility

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    Looks like a format glitch. I'd be interested in details about it.
  • be prepared

    don’t be surprised if you don’t get looked at funny or harassed, some of these look a little threatening to some people I’m sure. They don’t know its only camera lenses in that bag or laptop in that black case.“