Qantas grounds BlackBerry fleet

Qantas grounds BlackBerry fleet

Summary: Qantas will replace its BlackBerry fleet with iPhones, and has plans to let staff use Android devices via a BYOD policy.


Qantas has announced plans to replace its BlackBerry fleet with 1300 iPhones, giving in to its employees' preference for the device.

"There has been strong demand from Qantas employees for the iPhone, with a large majority of respondents to a recent survey indicating that this is their preferred smartphone option," Qantas CIO Paul Jones said in an emailed statement to ZDNet Australia, confirming a report that appeared in The Australian this morning.

"The iPhone offers a user-friendly interface and simple access to emails, contacts and calendars, as well as meeting all Qantas' security requirements."

Qantas expects the move to save the airline money through simplified support infrastructure and better carrier agreements for mobile data, according to Jones. The airline will source the devices from both Telstra and Optus.

Last week, Qantas also announced that it is partnering with Telstra to roll out iPads for pilots to use on the flight deck in an effort to reduce the 20kg of documentation that pilots have to lug on-board.

Staff members won't necessarily be locked into iPhones, Jones said. The airline will also be supporting Android devices under a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy.

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  • Tossing RIM on the barbie

    Everybody told RIM not to discontinue the models with the upside-down keyboards, and now they're paying the price.
    Robert Hahn
  • If they want great email, contacts, and calendar experiences Windows Phone

    completely crushes both iphone and android on all those. It's also a lot more reliable and secure. As far as the 20kg of docs theyre needlessly paying a premium for ipads when a much cheaper tablet would due. Shame on quantas for needlessly increasing expenses this way. Time to take the CIO out to the australian equivalent of the woodshed.
    Johnny Vegas
    • Call now

      Call now! Operators are standing by! Plus, if you're one of the first 500 to order, you also get this handsome Zune(tm) music player absolutely free! Just pay shipping and handling.

      Remember, it crushes the iPhone! And it's not like the high-speed vibrating sticks... it will never hurt your dog. And in a pinch, it also converts into a handy car jack, and look: it even has a lugnut removal app!

      That's Windows Phone, plus the Zune music player, for only three dollars two-fifty-six. Order now and save!
      Robert Hahn
      • Hello

        Awesome ad but it is few years late. Meanwhile I could sell you a shiny new Newton PDA. Free shipping!
        • A certain lack of decorum. No, it's lack of class.

          You are apparently too thick to get the point, so let me spell it out for you. There are on ZDNet right now at least eight stories concerning the new Microsoft Office. I looked, and in not a single one of them did anyone post an ad for Google Docs, or extol the praises of Pages and Numbers, or plug OpenOffice, or anything like that.

          No one came in to make snide remarks about Multiplan.

          There were no multiple posts saying how much cheaper it would be to use any of the alternatives.

          Those things don't happen because the other companies don't hire cyber-thugs to roam the forums, pooping on the competition every chance they get. Whereas your company does, which is why you're here, and why The Other Guy is here. It is why so many people view your company so negatively. The behavior is thuggish. boorish, and annoying.
          Robert Hahn
    • Nobody cares about cost

      Somebody at Quantas just bought a new iMac, iPad and iPhone and now wants everybody else to have them too. It is no different from school districts in California that have to lay off teachers but still manage to order hundreds of iPads "for students".
      • Caring about cost

        They do care about cost ... but not for handsets these days as it seems anything under $1,000 price point differention is seen as marginal - and I bet Qantas buying by the pallet gets a bit less than RRP to boot.

        This also explains why when Nokia cut the Lumia 900 handset from $99 to $49 - nobody cares! People want sass and sizzle because the $cost between that and the iPhone price are secondary.