Qld floods take down CUA net bank

Qld floods take down CUA net bank

Summary: Credit Union Australia (CUA) has shut down its internet banking services because of the Queensland flood disaster, leaving customers nationwide high and dry.

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in brief Credit Union Australia (CUA) has shut down its internet banking services because of the Queensland flood disaster, leaving customers nationwide high and dry.

The services have been shut down because CUA operates out of head offices in the flooded area of the Brisbane central business district. It apologised to customers via its website today.

"Customers can be assured that all data and accounts are secure," it said on its front page, adding that customers can still make withdrawals at branches and ATMs outside the flooded areas.

"Customers can be assured that all their personal data remains secure and CUA is working to restore services as soon as possible. However, we do ask for their patience at this time as we work through the issues," CUA said.

Topic: Outage

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  • So, my cash is in my internet e-saver account...I can't move it to my main account and my daughter has a paediatrician visit tomorrow (cost $150) that I planned to move money over for today. I can't access the money 'over the counter' and in this area you book ahead 6mths for Paediatricians.

    Good work CUA ~ as a new customer, moved from 'the big banks' I am TOTALLY unimpressed. Please let the public know what your DISASTER recovery plans were (if any?). How can you not have a back-up data centre????? THIS is what the Gov't needs to legislate for - how is my money secure if I can't get it?

    And this is ON TOP of being a Vodaphone customer....I am SO furious, I feel so DUPED moving from the 'big institutions' - bring on my FTB payment from Centrelink, at least it goes into my 'old' CBA account i was considering closing. Not anymore.
  • My best wishes, and donation (when I can) to all the flood affected people in Oz. I am SO sorry for your losses, it makes my blub above seem so trivial. I am doing my 'little bit' in my role at work to help you all....XOXO
  • I was advised from CUA you can make $500 withdrawls per day on your account regardless of the funds available. My concern is deposits, I am expected 2x deposits tomorrow, how will these be processed?
  • I'm sorry to hear of the QLD flooding but I'm in NSW I've got bills to pay and a mortagge where money comes out of this account. I can't get a thing out of the teller machine as I think there are more issues than cua is saying....
  • Well we have been left high and dry.....overseas on our holidays in a forgein land with no access to any money!!! We cant do anything about it either apparently..... Good luck to everyone there suffering worse than us though
  • The effect of the floods on CUA deserves to raise many questions as to their DR/BCP abilities. Having been a CUA customer since PICCOL days (as are my family), I cannot express how disappointed I am that they do not seem to have been able to handle the situation.

    I have significant sympathy for the employees and their situation, of course. But for what amounts to no less than a bank, in this day in age, should not be thrown offline by an outage in a single Data Centre. Or, perhaps CUA have a backup Data Centre in a flood plain as well?

    I trust a great many questions will come out of this for CUA, with just as many answers.

    I also expect a full and comprehensive explanation to those who are not only customers, but members.
  • CUA staff tell me their backup site is offline too - affected by floods.

    Position Available - DR Manager, Credit Union Australia.
  • Many business application does not have proper DR plan. With reading this story, it highlight how important DR plan would be for some businesses. There are so many people impacted at such bad time.
  • Apparently you can withdraw upto $700 a day from an ATM even though you dont have funds attached to a card with withdrawal. My money is in my esaver account so of course I cant transfer to my prime access where the card is attached.

    I'm going to give it a go during my lunch break. I will let you know how I go.
  • Indeed.. it worked! Casino time.
  • CUA give me a call (I am a member) and my company can have a DR/BCP plan, including the infrastrucure in place to support your NATIONAL customers/members. My heart goes out to the victims of the QLD flood and hopefully they dont bank with CUA and add to their current woes.
  • I'm also told that CUA cheques will currently bounce when processed. CUA will refund any fees incurred. Best not write any cheques for a while.
  • I'm stressing because I have invoices out there which are due to be paid into my CUA account. I'm glad they have allowed us to withdraw money even though we don't have monies in the account. They just better not hit us with fees when they are 'back online'.

    I'm already planning on leaving them anyway when I have access to my funds.
  • You do know esaver can be accessed over the counter, it would just incur a fee of $20. i know this as i am a CUA customer. Many times i have been able to get this fee waived anyway just by asking nicely. i'm sure if you tell them the story and with the fact that the fee was incured through CUA fault it would be waived. I very much like how you probably came here to rant first before even approaching the cua for a solution.