Qualcomm is a big winner inside Samsung's Galaxy S5

Qualcomm is a big winner inside Samsung's Galaxy S5

Summary: The clear winner inside the Galaxy S5 is Qualcomm, securing not only the top processor spot with the Snapdragon 801, but also a handful of other key sockets.

Samsung Galaxy S5 teardown
(Source: Chipworks)

Inside the Samsung Galaxy S5 is technology that you won't find in any other smartphone, and thanks to Chipworks we now get a glimpse into what went into the making of this handset.

The clear winner inside the Galaxy S5 is Qualcomm, securing not only the top processor spot with the Snapdragon 801, but also the RF receiver, RF transmitter, audio codec, power management module, power management module, and power amplifier.

Inside the Samsung Galaxy S5
(Source: Chipworks)

Inclusion of a Qualcomm processor means that the Galaxy S5 supports Quick Charge 2.0, technology that can take a battery from flat to 20 percent in 12 minutes, and fully charge it in a little over an hour and a half.

Such a heavy Qualcomm presence in not only what is Samsung's flagship handset but what many see as the flagship of the entire Android offering will no doubt be good for the company.

In an interesting twist, the LTE chip for the Galaxy S5 was not supplied by Qualcomm, and neother did it come from Nvidia (which is making headway in the market segment). Instead, it comes from Singaporean company Avago.

Other chips for the Galaxy S5 were supplied by Samsung (RAM), Maxim (the PSoC and battery/power circuit), Avago (the 2G/Edge, 3G, LTE and other cellular chipsets), NXP (NFC), Audience, FCI, Invensense, RFMD, and Lattice.

The Galaxy S5 brings a number of new innovations to the table, including a 16-mgapixel camera module, a heartbeat monitor, and a fingerprint scanner that is incorporated into the front screen.

There are also several unidentified chips inside the Galaxy S5 that Chipworks are still working on identifying.

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  • The Galaxy S5 is meh

    Its really nothing interesting. Its just the Galaxy S3-2 Just like the S4 was the same thing... The S5 is literally the same as a S4 with a change in the CPU and the addition of 2 useless features. Maybe they should drop that horrid garbage UI and stop making cheap plastic phones that fall apart....
    There was a time that Samsung meant Quality. That time is now gone. They have become a big brand and their QC has slipped through the cracks. My friend had to get 4 different S4's before he got one that worked right or didn't have a faded screen or dark spots..
    My other friends S4 has a burned out SD card slot, another one has one that is all shattered because they dropped it (plastic cracked in 3 places).
    Another 2 of my friends that have S3's, one of them the main button is broken, the other the SD card slot is blown and the device just started running hot over time...
    • QC

      Maybe time to get new friends Jimster
      • QC

        Maybe time time to get new brands
  • Both?

    They got the power management module, AND the power management module? Holy smokes! :-)
  • Old news

    The fact that ARM dominates the mobile space is not news. I would also think that as an amateur photog you would know better than to tout the megabit of a camera phone. My Sony Xperia Z1C is 20.7 MPix yet I do not brag about this.

    I personally would prefer to see posts about how all this capital flowing into the ARM space will change modern computing. Winter is dead. What's next Adrian? Where is all this going? Be a thought leader not a late to the party observer.
  • Corrections

    Winter = Wintel
    Megabit = megapix