Qualcomm launches smart watch into retail space

Qualcomm launches smart watch into retail space

Summary: From Cyber Monday on December 2, consumers can get their hands on Qualcomm's Tog smartwatch.

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Credit: Qualcomm

Qualcomm has announced the availability of the Tog smartwatch, a gadget the firm says will "transform the wearable device" industry.

The chip maker's wearable tech offering, the Tog smartwatch, will be able to connect to Android smartphones in order to allow wearers to extend the functionality of their phones to their wrists. The Tog contains Mirasol display technology which utilizes reflective display technology to keep the display clear even in bright sunlight, WiPower LE technology for wireless charging on the go, and also come equipped with wireless stereo headphones that let you listen in through Bluetooth -- and without the need for wires.

In addition, the smartwatch uses Bluetooth to let wearers accept or reject calls, view text messages and meeting alerts, and selectively receive notifications from their smartphones to their wrists. In addition to this smartphone functionality, the smart watch is preloaded with weather notifications and stock applets. The chip maker says that the Tog is capable of running for days on a single charge.

The smartwatch can connect with smartphones running 4.0.3 and above, although Android 4.3 Jelly Bean preferred.

Dr. Paul E. Jacobs, chairman and chief executive officer of Qualcomm said:

"Like a traditional watch, Toq displays information at a glance with no on/off switch. And paired with a smartphone to receive notifications and content, it allows the watch to seamlessly merge our physical and digital lives. Leveraging these and other industry-leading technologies, we and our partners will enable new product opportunities and consumer experiences."

The Tog starts at $349.99 and will be available on Dec 2 through Qualcomm's Tog website.

Topic: Emerging Tech

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  • Anyone else fibd themselves thinking

    Interesting, interesting, kind of useful, not sure if i'll use that, but it might be handy... Not sure about the charge time.. Interested... Hang on $350?!?!
    • Agreed

      A less expensive alternative is the Pebble watch that one can use with Android and iOS devices... and possibly WP devices as well... with many of the same features.
  • Tog?

    I think it is spelled Toq with a Q, and it is supposed to sound like "tock", as in tick tock.
  • Price

    WAYYY too much. I suppose gadget folks with the money to play with such expensive toys will like it. Not for the average Timex user, though.
  • Nice but...

    They would have had me at $150.
    • Smartwatch

      We have you covered! Look at 3iwave.com The smartwatch with the consumer in mind!
  • Had to do something with the Mirasol inventory

    Mirasol was supposed to be dead but yet it lives on at Qualcomm. Way too expensive. I'll stick to my Pebble.
  • As a QC alumnus I'm glad to see Qualcomm return to consumer products

    But only someone with lots of QCOM options is going to drop $350 on this.
  • I'm going to wait for a couple of years

    before I buy a dedicated wrist device. The bandwagon is getting full of wannabes lately...

    Nobody has yet figured out what they are for, or how to use them. My E7 has served well on a wrist harness for a few years now but I had to significantly rewrite the interface before it was useful.

    Great, so the Toq connects to your Android with bluetooth and lasts 2 days on a charge? I dont believe that, bluetooth kills a phone battery, even a good one like the E7. Or even the N95. Granted not having to drive a cellular connection onboard the wrist device will increase the battery life but thats a trade-off onto your existing hardware.

    The screen size is useless, its too small; my E7 is too big by comparison, so I reprogrammed that to vibrate instead of make me look at the screen, and use hands-free automatically without opening it up. Its easier to talk to my wrist than it is trying to fiddle a bluetooth headset when i get a call (unless I wear that permanently too, and I never liked BT earsets anyway). And with the device on my arm a cable to the neck of my tshirt is actually less trouble...

    Personal choice I know, but its not programmable. I'd wear a Nano or a recased Touch if they were more open. A smart watch isnt an alternative form factor for a smartphone, or a media player in their own right. It's a wearable computer that, like a PC used to be, is customisable for what you bought it for and not just an e-reader/browser/media player - which is what the term PC means now.

    Lastly, HOW MUCH??? I could buy and repurpose many cheaper and more powerful smartphones simply by changing the case. I can have more functionality and a bigger screen at retail prices, let alone how little these units actually cost to build.
  • Smartwatch

    Wearable Tech!

    The 3iWave SmartWatch is convenient, elegant, durable, and water resistant. Shows Caller ID, texts and allows you to text with a single button push.
    Connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy using our free application giving you the ability to select what you want on your wrist, alerts, stock quotes, game scores. Accelerometer function can track your motion on the Go. Simplify your life with what's really important. Why sport a big clunky rock be Simply Smart. ;)
    • 3iWave

      Pre-order now for under $150 at