Quanta to reportedly move production out of China

Quanta to reportedly move production out of China

Summary: As labor costs continuously rise, the computer manufacturer is "actively" considering relocate its production lines back to Taiwan.


Quanta Computer is considering to relocate its production back to Taiwan, as labor costs in mainland China rises at a double-digit speed during the past years, according to a ttv.com’s report published on Thursday.

C.C. Leung, the company's vice president estimates that the overall cost of labor, which increases by 12 to 13 percent annually, brings bigger challenges for domestic enterprises and makes the operating environment tougher, said another report out on the previous day.

While the world's top contracted PC and laptop maker "actively" considers moving the production lines back to the island, it will face the difficulty of finding enough manpower to do the repetitive job at a low wage, as Leung claims that the educational level of Taiwanese labor is higher than their Mainland counterparts.

Experts also argue that land and environmental issues, as well as whether the government could implement holistic supporting measures also plays an crucial part in attracting Taiwanese investors.



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  • China needs more in country sales...

    It is about time their workers woke up! Besides, you can probably get it done better somewhere else!