Quirky holders for your iPhone

Quirky holders for your iPhone

Summary: Searching for somewhere cool to store your iPhone? How about these stylish storage options?

TOPICS: Apple, iPhone, iPad

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  • Recycled silverware holder

    Credit: Wyldestonecottage

  • Home Office Desk Telephone

    Credit: Cases in the Box

  • iPhone megaphone

    Credit: Houzz

Topics: Apple, iPhone, iPad

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  • What? No car mounts??

    Here's my Quirky submission, http://www.quirky.com/ideations/315058

    Though I took a long look at the bra one! LOL!
  • Obsolete!

    Many of these are going to be obsolete now that the power plug has changed, the earphone jack has moved, and the phone is bigger! And I just can't imagine a woman reaching into her armpit to pull out a phone! Maybe this concept is more along the lines of a money belt as in just a place to hide something.
  • Is this really safe?

    I know the jury is still out regarding phones and cancer and I get they emit non ionising radiation ( which shouldn't affect us)
    , but why take a risk like this?
  • Armpit juice smell

    I don't know ... isn't it bad enough that people wipe their rear ends, handle their phone with the same hand and then put it near (or on) their faces?

    Are women OK with phones smelling like a witches armpit?
    • ...

      Try using toilet paper instead of your hand.
      Scarface Claw
  • I like the megaphone.

    Stylish and functional.