Quit doomsaying, Facebook isn't going anywhere soon

Quit doomsaying, Facebook isn't going anywhere soon

Summary: Recent news has portrayed Facebook as a company flailing about with its stock prices in seeming free fall, but I'm still bullish on Facebook. After all, what else are you going to use?

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Every morning there are three things I do: read my e-mail, scan the news, and check Facebook. Through my e-mail I get newsletters talking about the collapse of Facebook, in the newspaper I read about Facebook's stock price dropping, and on Facebook I see shared stories about major Facebook investors dumping shares.

If Facebook was human, you'd think he was on life support and someone needs to consider pulling the plug to do a mercy kill.

It is a "kick them while they're down" sentiment.  Everyone bought into the pre-IPO hype, and certainly there are people who feel glee that Facebook stock is tanking or burned about trumpeting the Facebook benefits and want to hit back the only way they can--online.

All this talk about Facebook failing is rubbish. Why? Because it's Facebook…what the heck else are you going to use? For those of you that say, "Nothing! I don't want to share my life and data online", that's fine--but accept that you're in the minority.

For better or worse, a significant part of pop culture and communication is happening on social media platforms such as these:

Path -- Supposedly the platform with which you are sharing with the people you most care about.  Strip away the pretty looks of Path and it's a dumbed-down Facebook whose only way of making money is through selling Instagram-like filters for photos. Want a Path experience on Facebook? Simple, create a new Facebook account and restrict yourself to 50 friends.  Saves you the effort of enabling Path's "share to Facebook" option.

Google+ -- It has a beautiful mobile app.

Friendster -- Bought by a company in Malaysia and transformed into a social games site.

Orkut -- Não posso falar Português

MySpace -- connect with bands…what? Whatever, I’ll just go to the band's Facebook page.

Pair -- because co-dependent relationships can now take a virtual twist!

LinkedIn -- I need one place on the Internet I keep free from pictures of cats and beer. This is it.

About.me -- Recently added social connections, but…this site is supposed to be all About.me!!!

Has there ever been any company that has collected so much data about its users? Preferences, habits, interests, connections, etc,--Facebook has it all!  And it is working furiously on monetizing its information.

As a small business owner tinkering around with Internet ads, Facebook ads are by far the most useful, and I’m sure the majority of small businesses haven't even started paying for ads yet.  So there is massive upside with getting businesses on board as well as creating new money-making features for existing ad-purchasers to utilize.

As for mobile, Facebook hasn't even begun monetizing its mobile efforts. Obviously they will.

Yes, Facebook stock has tanked, but face reality--Facebook isn't going anywhere and it's going to get better.

Unless they keep going with the Internet gambling thing

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Howard spent 14 years in the tech industry working as a programmer, evangelist, and community manager for Microsoft. In 2009, he had lived his "dream" of middle-management long enough and opened a Japanese restaurant called Standing Sushi Bar. Trading in stock grants and software licenses for raw fish and cash, he enjoys mixing his passion for technology into the daily hustle of small business.

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  • That's an easy one.

    "After all, what else are you going to use?"

    Google+. Any more easy questions?
    • Sure .... NOT!

      I'm no fan of the IdentityTheftBook .... but you have to be an idiot to believe that people leaving Facebook are going to Google+

      Did you read the articles a few weeks ago? 80+% of Google+ accounts are ABANDONED ... Most people open the account, look around and walk away never to visit it again.
      • Only because of Facebook.

        "Did you read the articles a few weeks ago? 80+% of Google+ accounts are ABANDONED "

        Only because of Facebook, to be honest. Wouldn't be so abandoned if it weren't for Facebook's iron grip on the market right now.

        He asked what else am I going to use, and I answered. If Facebook *were* to ever go under, I'd go to Google+.
        • Google+

          I suppose that does answer the question; another interesting one would be *if* Facebook were to fade, would something else with similar functionality take its place or would it be because the whole idea of sharing and connecting (and all the privacy issues that come along with) is subsiding?
          • thoughts

            "another interesting one would be *if* Facebook were to fade, would something else with similar functionality take its place "

            Very likely, as people will feel the same need to connect.

            "would it be because the whole idea of sharing and connecting (and all the privacy issues that come along with) is subsiding?"

            Sharing and connecting do not "bring along" privacy issues. Privacy issues only come along because the founders of these social networks never really understood sharing and connecting to begin with.

            The founders believed that "sharing and connecting" means always bringing a megaphone that everybody can hear. They were mistaken in that belief, and thus the privacy issues we struggle with today.

            They based their networks on theoretical ideals, rather than reality. "All sharing must be public" is that theoretical ideal. The reality is, that's simply not how sharing and connecting actually work. People often want to share with small groups or individuals, rather than with the public, and that reality wasn't designed into the networks. It was tacked on later, thus the privacy issues.
  • horrible things that people uploads

    one of my friends uploaded the photos of her boobs onto the fb after a boob job.. and subsequently forget to adjust the settings to female only.. after I told her..

    wtf.. it's getting too personal, people are uploading a lot of family photos etc..it's becoming increasingly simple to track down people by FBI
    • As a general rule...

      You probably shouldn't upload pictures of boobs onto the internet unless you're going to make money from it somehow. :)
  • "Quit doomsaying, Facebook isn't going anywhere soon"

    Unfortunately. But we can always hope Farcebook goes away sooner, rather than later.
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