Rackspace adds OpenCenter to its private cloud offering

Rackspace adds OpenCenter to its private cloud offering

Summary: Rackspace has added a new management user interface to its private cloud software that could make it easier for IT administrators to run their cloud environments.


Rackspace is adding a new management interface to its free open source private cloud software so that IT administrators can deploy, configure and operate their own clouds in an enterprise datacentre.

OpenCenter aims to simplify and automate the operational activities associated with Rackspace's private cloud, which is powered by the company's OpenStack technology.

The private cloud software update is being rolled out today and is available to download for free from the Rackspace website.

Rackspace's head of marketing insight and strategy, Simon Abrahams, described OpenCenter as an on-premise enterprise-friendly cloud management centre. "It really enables organisations to deploy the same software we're using internally wherever they want," he said. 

OpenCenter also aims to improve cloud up-time. "In this new version the management infrastructure will be configured as a cluster and therefore have high availability for management capabilities," said Abrahams.

Abrahams said that Rackspace will update its private cloud more regularly. "We are changing the way we update the private cloud software and bringing it into line with the public cloud where we do continuous integration and deployment," he said.

Rackspace has been attempting to boost its cloud offering in other areas over the past week. The Texan company announced last Wednesday that it will be rolling out MongoDB through the cloud this spring following its acquisition of ObjectRocket

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