Rackspace launches high performance cloud servers

Rackspace launches high performance cloud servers

Summary: The company aims to take its high performance cloud servers and pitch them to companies focused on big data workloads and hybrid infrastructure.


Rackspace on Tuesday rolled out new high performance cloud servers with all solid-state storage, more memory and the latest Intel processors.

Moving to IaaS: An overview

Moving to IaaS: An overview

Moving to IaaS: An overview

The company aims to take its high performance cloud servers and pitch them to companies focused on big data workloads. Rackspace's performance cloud servers are available immediately in the company's Northern Virginia region and will come online in Dallas, Chicago and London this month. Sydney and Hong Kong regions will launch in the first half of 2014.

Among the key features:

  • The public cloud servers have RAID 10-protected solid state drives;
  • Intel Xeon E5 processors;
  • Up to 120 Gigabytes of RAM;
  • 40 Gigabits per second of network throughput.

Overall, the public cloud servers, which run on OpenStack, provide a healthy performance boost of Rackspace's previous offering. The performance cloud servers are optimized for Rackspace's cloud block storage.

Rackspace said it will offer the performance cloud servers as part of a hybrid data center package.

rax performance servers pricing


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  • Confusing

    This article is a bit confusing to me. How is this service any different than the paid/business options available from Box.net, Skydrive, Copy.com, etc? Is it significantly higher performance? What is meant by PRICE in the chart? Is this per GB per month (in which case it seems quite expensive)?
    Jane Zaneamem
    • Re: Confusing

      This is not a cloud file storage platform like Box.net or Skydrive, this is Infrastructure as a Service, servers on demand for use in deploying applications.
    • Not confusing at all actually

      Rackspace cloud hosting is cloud COMPUTING, not cloud STORAGE, which is what all of the services you mention are limited to providing.

      The MSFT version is NOT Skydrive,it is Azure, for example.

      The purpose is to offer "on demand" computing resources. If you need to scale up or out and you do not have the time or capital to set up your own server(s), and/or you only need them for a short time to handle peak demand and so forth, you purchase the use of a virtual server in the Rackspace cloud for only the time you need.

      The prices above are hourly, not based upon data usage (you get the amount of processor, RAM, storage and network speed specified in the table regardless of what you actually use). So, monthly you'd pay as little as about $29/month all the way up to thousands per month for the really big virtual machines listed there (one instance of the maximum machine there would probably consume a whole physical server to itself, which is reflected in the very expensve top end price).
      Mark Hayden