Raspberry Pi cases round-up: Eight inventive holders in photos

Raspberry Pi cases round-up: Eight inventive holders in photos

Summary: The Raspberry Pi mini-computer has taken the tech world by storm. If you're one of the lucky few to get one, one of the first things you'll need is a case. Here's a few to choose from.


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  • Bramble Pi

    This laser-cut, finger-jointed case — dubbed 'Bramble Pi' — is a self-assembly kit made out of birch plywood. Germany-based designer Nick also makes laser-engraved custom cases. The Bramble Pi is available on Etsy for €12.

  • Enclosure kit

    A sleek acrylic alternative to the wooden cases is Built to Spec's Raspberry Pi enclosure kit. Priced at $12.50 (£7.99), custom variations are available. The assembly instructions look a trifle daunting, but then, if you've bought a Raspberry Pi, you're probably already up for a challenge.

    Image credit: Built to Spec

  • Punnet case

    For the do-it-yourself approach, there is the Punnet, a printable card case for the Pi.

    Designed by Raspberry Pi forum member 'E', you download the Punnet case in PDF format, print it on card, and get folding.

    Image credit: E/Raspberry Pi Foundation

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  • AdaFruit case

    I'm suprised you missed one of the best cases of all, the Adafruit Pi Box, which is an opensource design. It's an acrylic enclosure with a unique clip lock mechanism that needs no fasteners to hold it together. From Adafruit, the Pi Box is $14.99 but (if you have access to a laser cutter) you can download the design files from Thingiverse.
    • the PI-STACK CASE and my cable management

      Another fantastic case you missed is the PI-STACK. It's really well built from 10mm acrylic and solid metal supports. It's available on Ebay which is where I got mine (search PI-STACK).

      I have my own "add-on" solution that manages all the cables (a major problem with the Raspberry Pi because the cables come out on all 4 sides).

      The PI-STACK weighs nearly a pound and has silicon feet so that it stays where its put too! Here a link to a picture of it on the Raspberry Pi forum:
  • I was hoping

    that the wooden case was made like that so you could mount it to the back of your monitor.
    • Wooden case

      While you mentioned wooden case... here is one that looks nice http://www.raspberry-pi-case.net/
      But these can not be mounted to the back of your monitor. Maybe some kind of customization can be made to achieve this.
  • shipping killed that idea

    I could get one and waited in que but when it came time the thing was $39 plus $45 to ship from europe when actual shipping to us can be done under $10 so i passed since for that I can get a tablet that does more.If they can get them on the shelves in the US so the shipping rape doesnt happen Ill get one.
    • Use Allied

      Allied Electronics (www.alliedelec.com) in the US has them for $35 plus $6.34 shipping (to AZ). (Currently backordered, though.)
    • wooden case

      I bought a wooden case for my Rpi here: -
      it fits great , looks perfekt and it´s ecological.
  • other sources

    You can also get them from Newark/Element14 (newark.com, delivery took less than 30 days) and Allied Electronics (alliedelec.com, available in ~ Oct.) for $35 with tax and shipping adding another ~ $10.
    Hemlock Stones
  • made of unobtainium

    This looks like it would be a really nice bit of hardware if it could actually be purchased :(
  • Queued

    I had to get in line for one of these. I didn't even know about the RPi until this article!
  • I'd love to know

    What everyone else is dong with THEIR Pi. Cases are a bit of a gimmick, when the focus seems to be on building it into things like spy-planes and the like. Its almost like people are trying to define it, by making it look like something else.

    I managed to get my hands on one a few weeks ago and I cant find much of a use for a case.

    I do have a couple of 'cases' I've built mine. One is a simple platform with standoffs and mounting slots cut in it to fit either the Pi to something bigger, or something smaller to it, and it has a power jack built in as part of the latch. The Pi is exposed tho, I'd hardly call that one a case.

    The other one has something thats glaringly missing from these, and every other case I've seen online yet - a battery compartment. Mine has four rechargeable AAA cells in a holder that fits above the Pi just behind the yellow video connector, leaving room for the SD card to stick out of a slot underneath.

    Most of the time however, my Pi lives in an orgy of servos, Atmels and crap that I call a workbench, and it looks very happy indeed.
  • Another RPi story

    I pre-ordered my RPi back in June - and it finally arrived a few weeks ago.

    It now lives next to the Wii, under the TV in the loungeroom. Cables aren't such a problem as I use a wireless keyboard/mouse. I mainly use my RPi to teach myself python - using pygame (www.pygame.org) but I have used it to play media off the NAS.

    My next trick will be to get XBMC working on it.

    I made my own case ... out of 80gsm paper. Origami Pi!
  • Raspberry Pi Embedded in DSLR Camera

    I embedded my Pi in my Canon 5d Mark II :)
  • Low cost raspberry pi case

    Try this homemade case

  • another forum thread

    Theres a good thread here with all the case designs. Loads of good ones coming out.

  • wooden case

    I bought a wooden case for my Rpi here: -
    it fits great , looks perfekt and it´s ecological.