Raspberry Pi gets Aussie price drop

Raspberry Pi gets Aussie price drop

Summary: The US$35 computer, Raspberry Pi, will benefit from a price drop that sees Australians paying $38 for the unit, a drop of almost $20 from the original price.


The US$35 computer, Raspberry Pi, will benefit from a price drop that sees Australians paying $38 for the unit, a drop of almost $20 from the original price.

Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi
(Credit: Raspberry Pi Foundation)

The Raspberry Pi is a computer roughly the size of a credit card (85.60x53.98x17mm), featuring a CPU clocking in at 700MHz, 256MB of RAM and a bevy of ports, including a USB and LAN port, an SD card slot, HDMI out, audio out and, of course, a power port. The Model B Raspberry Pi system-on-a-chip sold out within minutes on 29 February, leaving suppliers RS Components and Element 14 flooded with registrations of interest for the device.

The two suppliers aired their prices for international markets on Tuesday, which saw RS Components charge £21.60 for the unit itself, a flat £4.95 delivery fee and taxes where appropriate. Element 14, however, aired a complex table that saw different regions broken down and charged varying rates for the device. Australia was set to be slugged $54.75 for the computer, including shipping and taxes.

However, the Raspberry Pi Foundation tweeted today that Australians can now expect a lower price for the unit.

"Good news for Australians — @element14 have just been in touch to tell us they're reducing the price of Raspberry Pi to $38 AUD," the non-profit foundation said online today.

No word has been given yet on whether the price includes shipping, but it is logical to assume that it would, considering that Element 14 bundled its shipping cost into the $54.75 price table on Tuesday. ZDNet Australia asked the Raspberry Pi Foundation about the shipping price, which is now waiting on more information from Element 14.

"I'll be putting a statement about the Australian price up as soon as I get it," the foundation tweeted.

Replying to another user, the foundation said that the price drop won't happen everywhere, and is only being put into effect for Australia due to an unexpectedly high original price.

"No change in the US. The Australian price was unexpectedly high," it wrote to Twitter user Jan M. Cruz.

More information on this as it develops.

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  • I paid $38 AUD plus $3.80 GST for my Raspberry Pi at Element14, totaling $41.80 AUD. Postage was free.
    • I just went through the process on their website and it's charging me $12.95 for postage (same-day or Aust Post). Postcode 2300. Total price $56.05 with GST.
  • Such a great price - wish I could buy a HDMI cable for less than the computer!
    • If you are being charged more than $15-$20 for a 1m-2m HDMI cable you are being ripped off. You should have a look at www [dot] cablechick [dot] com [dot] au.

      BTW this is not comment spam. I have just uses this site a couple of times and found the price and service reasonable.
  • ++1 to Raspberry and Element14, distributors that listen and react quickly to customers.

    @Jacksob3: I've seen the cables for < $20, don't be conned by the likes of Harvey Norman into buying 'special' cables. (just google 'hdmi cable site:au' without the quotes - I don't want to annoy ZDNET by advertising a particular site)
  • Awesome news about the price drop, shame about the availability. HDMI cables can be bought for peanuts. Order one from hong kong via ebay for about $3.