Reading on mobile devices increasing

Reading on mobile devices increasing

Summary: It probably doesn't shock you that everyone uses mobile devices for just about everything these days. But do you know how many of you use mobile devices for reading news? The numbers might surprise you.

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The New INFOSLAB: The Decision Device and News Your Way

Perusing my reader statistics is a daily task that I, until recently, took somewhat lightly. I read the stats and evaluated which of my articles you find most interesting. I also was bemused by which articles still carry significant traffic, even months after the initial posting. But, there were two reader statistics that I, for some reason, always overlooked: Mobile and Tablet. I guess I had never really focused on the details and breakdowns of the traffic hitting my posts. A few days ago, I noticed. I noticed an interesting trend that surprised me and thought that it might have the same effect on you.

Readers, such as yourself, read news on their mobile phones. Tablets are growing in popularity too but the fact that you read news and technical posts on your phones totally threw me.

Then I realized that we carry our phones everywhere we go. We read and write email on them. We send and receive text messages on them. We browse the Internet on them. We purchase goodies on them. We Tweet and Facebook on them. And, we read news and technical posts on them.

But, it made me wonder if readers really read or just skim on these devices since the tiny print can be a bit tedious to stare at long-term.

For example, my blogs, Virtually Speaking and Consumerization, tally at 15.4% Mobile phone and 9.4% Tablet for reader devices. That's an amazing 25% of my personal traffic being read on mobile devices. Also, to my surprise I have a handful of readers who use game consoles to read my posts. I'd like to hear from you game console users to find out how that works for you.

Overall, ZDNet's blog sites attract reads as 12.8% Mobile phone and 8.5% from Tablets. So, my reads on those devices are a bit higher as I would expect having a mobile orientation. I expect to see these numbers increase dramatically over the next year. With the release of new larger format Android phones, the larger screen iPhone 5 and new tablets from every manufacturer.

In fact, it wouldn't surprise me a bit to see a manufacturer release a tablet specifically for the purpose of reading news and keeping up with communications of all types. Kind of a combined news, email, phone, Skype, device that's made specifically for people who are too busy to read a magazine, hit a website or ponder news on TV.

I'll dub it The Infoslab: A decision device. Where you get headlines, stock reports, messages and all of your valuable information in one place. Of course, there'll be the ZDNet feed right there waiting for your tap to bring you the tech world's latest analytical perceptions from the planet's best writers.

Talk back and tell me why you prefer to read news and articles on your mobile devices. I need to know and I'm sure our editors would like to know so that we can make the site even more mobile friendly. Also let me know if you like the Infoslab idea and if you'd use it.

Topics: Mobility, Apple, Apps, Tablets


Kenneth 'Ken' Hess is a full-time Windows and Linux system administrator with 20 years of experience with Mac, Linux, UNIX, and Windows systems in large multi-data center environments.

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  • I am reading this article on my iPhone 4....

    I prefer to read ZDNet in the browser since there is the reading mode that let's you enlarge the text. In the app, you are stuck with the front the app provides. It will be better on a bigger screen, but I think I will go larger than 4" for my next phone, that means no iPhone 5 for me.
  • This Is All Contingent On Having A Decent-Resolution Screen

    Now you know why larger-screened phones are becoming so popular. Looks like 1280×720 has become the minimum requirement for a phone-sized device that is versatile enough to cover all your on-the-go communication, computation and consumption needs. And going beyond that, Samsung’s 5" Galaxy Note, which some thought too big, turned out to be so popular that they have followed it up with an even bigger 5.5" screen.

    Oh wait—didn’t one mobile-device vendor recently introduce a new product that completely failed to take account of this trend?
  • Reading on Mobile Devices

    Uh, I hate to break this to you, but ZDNet has no app for the Windows Phone; I think it's a worthy question to run up the chain of command when a ZDNet app for xPhone will be available?
    I currently read ZDNet on my iPhone 3GS when I'm out and about and when I'm home, I read ZDNet on IE10 (both flavors).
    Crashin Chris
    • Re: but ZDNet has no app for the Windows Phone

      Which Windows Phone should they develop for, then? The dead-end one, or the one that isn't actually finished yet?