Red Hat Storage 2.0 gets beta release

Red Hat Storage 2.0 gets beta release

Summary: Red Hat has released a scale-out software tool for enterprises.The Red Hat Storage 2.

TOPICS: Storage

Red Hat has released a scale-out software tool for enterprises.

The Red Hat Storage 2.0 beta was launched on Monday and is based on technology the Raleigh, North Carolina company gained with its $136m (£88m) acquisition of Gluster in October.

Features of the software include compatibility for the Apache Hadoop open-source data analytics platform, more detailed management tools, greater reliability and unified file and object access.

Red Hat feels the Gluster-based technology sets it apart from the competition and has claimed its closest rival, EMC via Isilon, is hobbled by a dependence on specific hardware.

The company did not say when Red Hat Storage 2.0 would become generally available.

Topic: Storage

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  • It's interesting that Red Hat chose to use the XFS filesystem over ext4. I've always been a big fan of XFS, it's very stable and fast, but ext4 has given it a run for its money.