Report: Private equity firms working to take BMC Software private

Report: Private equity firms working to take BMC Software private

Summary: If 2012 was all about the IPO, then 2013 is the year of reverting to operating as private companies. BMC could be next, based on a new report.


As the firestorm surrounding Dell's process to revert to a private company continues, another major tech player could be following suit.

Reuters reported on Thursday that a group of private equity firms are collaborating to take BMC Software private.

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Citing three unnamed sources said to be familiar with the talks, the deal is said to be worth approximately $6 billion with final bids slated to emerge within the next few weeks.

Reuters added:

KKR & Co LP and TPG Capital LP have formed a consortium, the people said on condition of anonymity because the process is confidential. Bain Capital LLC and Golden Gate Capital have separately also teamed up for the auction, the people added.

BMC hasn't commented publicly on the matter yet, but shares for the cloud and IT services business jumped by roughly 3.8 percent as the reports emerged this morning.

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  • Good for them

    It's about time companies stopped being accountable to people that don't have any real skin in the game.
    • Sadly, Carl Icahn will likely jump in

      screw the company and employess, all for a few extra dollars in his pocket like he's trying to do with Dell.
      William Farrel