Report: RIM faces fresh challenges in Indonesia

Report: RIM faces fresh challenges in Indonesia

Summary: Indonesian officials have threatened to block RIM's email and instant messaging services again, saying the company has not fulfilled an agreement it made in January, according to a report

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Officials in Indonesia have revived threats of blocking RIM's email and instant messaging functions on its BlackBerry devices because the vendor has not gone far enough to meet an agreement on services it made in January, according to a newspaper report.

In the agreement in January, RIM was to work on four areas: increasing the number of service centres in Indonesia; restricting access to negative content such as pornography; helping law enforcement officials track messages and email from suspected criminals; and placing an aggregator closer to Indonesia, giving local cellular operators lowers costs and higher speeds for their BlackBerry services, the report in the Wall Street Journal noted.

The latest complaints were sparked off after RIM chose to locate its aggregator in Singapore, instead of Indonesia, the newspaper said.

The Canadian handset maker, however, refuted the charge and said it would "work through" any concerns of the Indonesian officials.

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Topic: Government UK

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