Report shows Nokia clearly dominates Windows Phone market share

Report shows Nokia clearly dominates Windows Phone market share

Summary: HTC and Nokia are the two primary players in the Windows Phone market and some recent data from AdDuplex shows Nokia has something like 78 percent while HTC is near 14 percent.

Report shows Nokia clearly dominates Windows Phone market share

I just read the latest AdDuplex Windows Phone report that contains findings collected from 294 Windows Phone apps and have to say that I am not surprised at all that results show the Nokia clearly dominates the Windows Phone market. Check out the report with some detailed pie charts showing the different pieces of market share.

Results from this data show that Windows Phone 7 still dominates Windows Phone 8, 75 percent to 26 percent. Nokia may have something like 78 percent, HTC nearly 14 percent, Samsung 6 percent and the rest totaling about 2 percent. I think HTC's share is likely higher when comparing Windows Phone 8 only, but Nokia did well with Windows Phone 7 with their fresh new products while others just put Windows Phone into Android bodies. Samsung hasn't really joined the Windows Phone 8 party in the US and their 6 percent share is no surprise.

You may recall that I had a tough time deciding between the Lumia 920 and HTC 8X, but in the end I purchased a red Nokia Lumia 920. The OIS camera, wireless charging, and huge assortment of Nokia apps and services made it pretty clear the Lumia 920 was the best choice and I have been quite happy with my selection.

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  • Good for Nokia

    This is great news for Nokia. When Nokia roll out cheap Lumia models (620), than they take crown from HTC in WP8 'segment'.

    Chears Nokia!
    • RE: Good for Nokia

      Nokia already has the crown for Windows Phone 8. What makes you think HTC has it?
      • Re: What makes you think HTC has it?

        Mr. Matthew, he write: "I think HTC's share is likely higher when comparing Windows Phone 8 only"
        • HTC's share in WP8 will be most likely higher than 14%

          HTC's share in WP8 will be most likely higher than the 14% it has in the total WP OS.
          Nokia by far has the biggest share in WP7 as well as in WP8.
        • Perhaps due to HTC's high end phone being on more carriers in the USA

          The HTC 8X is available on Verizon, ATT and Tmobile.
          The Lumia 920 is ATT only, but the lumia 820 is available on Verizon, ATT and Tmobile.

          That might be why HTC has a higher rate of windows8 phones than windows7 phones.

          The 8X is clearly a better phone than the lumia 820 series, which in my opinion come off as *feeling* like a cheap feeling phone, even though it seems to be an otherwise good phone.
          • Nokia Has by Far More

            That's the amazing thing. Despite having the 920 on only one carrier (though there are others on Verizon (822) and T-Mobile(810)), Nokia has the WP8 crown by a long shot. Look at WPCentral if you want to see the numbers.
  • Nokia need an even cheaper phone than 620

    The price of 620 is still high for many in developing nations, if they can bring that down to half some how for a WP8 device, that will destory low-end androids
    • I think...

      there's a 510 or some equivalent on its way which will be even more stripped down then the 620.
  • When can get a Windows 8 phone?

    statistics are skewed by the fact some still can't get their hands on a Windows 8 phone. In Canada only Rogers can carry them until May 2013. Bell, Telus and the other phone companies won't get them until then. So all of us wanting a Windows Phone 8 are still waiting until they become available. :-(

    Give it another year before looking at the stats... its still not widely available. Shame on Microsoft for granting exclusive contracts.
    • If only Nokia could run up their production line

      The phones are good but they cannot keep up with the demand.
    • Nokia 920 is exclusive to Rogers

      Other Windows Phone 8 are available elsewhere. I've got an HTC 8X from Bell since December. A Samsung is also at Bell. Look at the websites. On Bell, the 8X is listed in the "Superphone" category which is basically high-end smartphones.
    • None in Japan yet

      I still haven't seen any WP8 devices in Japan. Was waiting for a WP8 but when no devices were forthcoming decided couldn't wait for a new phone so went with a iPhone5. I don't get MS tactics with Mobile.
  • As expected

    Not that Nokia is doing incredible well, other players are just not interested in the platform. Nokia is being the guinea pig of windows phone.
    For Nokia is almost good they don't have serious competition, if others were available to try a bit harder, sales for Nokia lumia phones could be even more dismal.
    For Microsoft it's a bad sign, basically they have one manufacturer supporting their OS.
    • RE:For Microsoft it's a bad sign

      What? Considering numbers this same you can say about google and they android, basically they have one manufacturer supporting their OS. Bad for them. And what about apple? They are only one manufacturer for them self, that's eater bad for them?
      • Yes and no

        One brand being much more successful than others is not the same has having one brand investing on it.
        Obviously the same logic could be applied for windows, but as contradicting as it may sound, I believe in the case of windows there is not much interest while with android makers are there and trying hard to win a position. I could explain why I think that way, but sincerely I think it's pretty obvious.
        Apple has no chance to increase their share significantly, I believe they will be steady around 20% - and as being all by themselves with very few models it's an amazing deed.
  • Report shows Nokia clearly dominates Windows Phone market share

    No surprise here. Nokia phones are pretty well made. Plus Nokia has the camera and removable battery going for it. All HTC has is beats audio which really isn't all that great to begin with.
  • Windows Phone Lost 20% Market Share In 4Q2012

    Windows Phone 7 is declining faster than Windows Phone 8 can compensate.
  • No other company is crazy enough.

    Only Nokia is the manufacturer that doesn't sell anything else than Windows Phone. In this situation there's no wonder why they are dominant in Windows Phone. The more interesting situation is what the other manufacturers sell but Windows Phone - and how much more they earn from it...