Reports: Intel planning new devices unit led by former Apple exec

Reports: Intel planning new devices unit led by former Apple exec

Summary: Rumors are swirling about what could be the first major move for Intel's brand new CEO.


Microsoft has been at the forefront of technology news this morning with the new Xbox One gaming console, but its close partner Intel might have some consumer device news of its own soon.

For starters, Reuters reported on Tuesday that the processor giant's new chief executive officer Brian Krzanich is shaking things up a bit with a new devices unit.

AllThingsD followed up with another report that Mike Bell, general manager of Intel's mobile and communications group (and also a former Apple and Palm executive), wil be leading the new division.

Intel's mobile strategy had been stalled a bit, but a new renewed commitment has been demonstrated through plans for cheaper Ultrabooks and the recent debut of the low-power Silvermont System-on-a-Chip architecture.

To recall, Intel named then-chief operating officer Krzanich as CEO, replacing Paul Otellini.

Krzanich officially stepped up to the plate last week.

The restructure and addition of this department would mark Krzanich's first major strategic move as CEO while also stepping up Intel's mobile roadmap considerably.

Image via Intel Newsroom

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  • Intel is not close partner of Microsoft; you have confused it with AMD, ...

    ... which IS close partner of MS for many years. (They work on DirectX technology, as well as on CPU and graphics for the new XBox One console, among other things.)
    • You are wasting your time

      Rachel posts and runs.
    • Once again you are wrong

      Sorry, that was harsh. Maybe you are right and it is Microsoft and Intel that are wrong.

      So, are you going to provide proof, are you going to admit you are wrong, or are you going to post and run?

      My bet is on post and run like you always do when I prove you wrong.
      • Wow!!!!!!!!

        Whatever the facts and merits, what a pompous, righteous a$$hole you are.

        Sort of like when you go after certain bloggers.

        You must be real fun in person. I pity your wife and children, if you have any.
        • Oh the wonderful irony

          "Sort of like when you go after certain bloggers."

          Yes, like when I wrote this:
          "You are wasting your time

          Rachel posts and runs."

          Oh wait, I didn't write that.

          Oops. My mistake.
          • Sure, nice try

            Clueless idiots do not get that they are clueless idiots, as you clearly demonstrate.

            Putting what I posted and what you posted in the same league just shows how truly clueless you are.

            Perhaps you can show me an example of where Rachel responded to a Talkback post.

            I can show you countless instances of you acting just like you did above, like a pompous and righteous a$$hole. Some people call guys like you "right fighters":

            "So, are you going to provide proof, are you going to admit you are wrong, or are you going to post and run?"

            I commented on another instance earlier today, which I am sure you recall.

            So perhaps he was mistaken. Most people are familiar with Wintel. So what. Do you really have to post what you did over an innocent little mistake?

            You need to get over yourself, perhaps for the sake of the significant others in your life.

            I will not respond further.
          • Once again ZDNet, you are welcome

            "I will not respond further."

            One fewer troll for ZDNet to deal with.
          • That's Only IF DT Would Actually Not Respond Further

            While it is a nice to contemplate he will shut up, the reality is he will continue with his mindless rants.
          • Mindless rants?

            Please point out a single one. His comments above regarding the trolling, asinine behaviour of Todd is not only not mindless, it is spot on.
            And typical of his mindless inane posts we have him here posting links he purports to prove that Intel and MS are close partners, links which actually prove nothing other than a joint marketing interest. While I actually disagree with the O.P., this is a typical example of his ill-informed nonsense and his outright trolling. You are not much better.
          • That was clearly to Patrickgood, despite ZDNet's terrible comment system

      • PS Microsoft co-invented Thunderbolt

        I can't actually find a quote where either Microsoft or Intel say that Microsoft co-invented Thunderbolt but that sort of minor detail has never stopped people like you in the past. So I'll just say it often and say it loudly. That should make it true, right?
        • Good, then what?

          Just who do you think cares of your opinion?

          Hate is not something you want to live with, unless you intend to die younger. Find a lover, go see the sun outside. Open the Window.. you too, can have quality life.
        • No, they didn't

          But I doubt truth was your reason for posting. Not surprising. But once again, your rhetorical dishonesty backfires, in that you have simply provided fuel to those pointing out your inability to add anything useful to a conversation. You can't even get your comebacks right.
          And your logical reasoning skills (or lack thereof) are legendary. Case in point, your current diatribe "calling out" the O.P. to prove his assertion. Do I need to explain burden of proof to you yet again? apparently. As the O.P. is making a universally quantified statement, and you, in challenging it, are making an existentially quantified statement. burden of proof rests on you. While your position is actually correct in this instance, the links you posted do NOT bolster your position, and merely highlight your tendency for superficial analysis and minimal understanding of the issues involved. In other words, you failed.
        • You're right, Todd...

          Microsoft had absolutely no involvement in the creation of the Thunderbolt interface, nor its predecessor LightPeak.
      • Do not confuse "partner" and "close partner" (if you can read, at least)

        The subject.
    • To be fair...

      Microsoft and Intel have been rather closely associated as 'Wintel'.
      Third of Five
      • Arcana

        Wow. Are Intel and Microsoft close or not? I'm sure they make some effort to see where the other is going, because computers are hardware and software. But that's obvious. As to degree of closeness, who cares?

        Wintel is a journalistic construction used to label a market, and is becoming less useful as a term as the type of devices and platforms used for consumer computing diversifies.
  • Wintel Alliance

    Is going to fall anyway... Why do you think the new Xbox is AMD powered? Because Intel cannot build a complete solution. They have only CPU's to offer. Which are not especially good at heavily threaded environments...
    • Um, what?

      First, the previous XBox was PPC-based, and the PPC CPU does just fine in heavily-threaded environments. Second, there is no reason the CPU and GPU have to be on the same chip. So I doubt any of that had anything to do with MS's hardware choices.
      And there is no apostrophe in "CPUs".